People who under a standard description for Netflix are paying $9.99 will now be paying $10.99. Customers who want the premium tier will pay $13.99 rather than $11.99. Fortunately, people paying the $7.99 basic plan will not be changing. Many UCR students surprisingly were not even aware of this price increase. This is primarily because they do not pay for their own Netflix accounts as they use their parent’s or friends. One fellow 1st year said “What? Netflix’s price increase?”, portraying his awareness to this increase. The majority of UCR students are not subject to complain because of their non-ownership and busy schedules.

Tight Schedules

At UCR, there are plenty of homework, classes, parties, and events. Netflix is actually one of lowest priorities. In fact, students in college are not using Netflix as much because of their tight schedules. One fellow UCR student said, “It’s been almost three weeks in the quarter and I haven’t even touched my Netflix”. Students are often socializing amongst each other and afterward, homework must be done. After all, college is a place to learn.

Parental Ownership

Many UCR students still use their parent’s accounts or even their friend’s. Netflix allows many users and devices, which gives the advantage among sharing with your close friends. As a result, UCR students are not informed about this news. Even if UCR students pay for their own Netflix account, nobody would start complaining about paying a dollar or two extra per month. After all, the estimated annual fee is over $30,000. How is a $24-$48 annual price increase going to affect us? Not very much. Yes, many of students here are very privileged.

A $1-$2 Increase

To Netflix, the extra increase will make a substantial increase in their revenue since they have millions of users each month. However, to consumers, they do not mind paying $1 or $2 extra. Currently, the economy is doing extremely well and customers are not being too frugal as the unemployment rate is near the lowest this decade. America’s economy is doing extremely well and nobody who has a job will complain about paying an extra dollar each month. After all, if they just eat at home once rather than at a restaurant, then that would essentially save much more than a dollar.

Competition of Netflix

Most UCR students tend to stream movies online through perhaps legal or illegal methods. Some students are careful to save money and rather just watch videos on Youtube for free. Plus, students can go to the movie theater located a few minutes away from campus. The movie theater there even offers student discounts. Overall, students are not aware or affected by this price increase in Netflix’s monthly subscription.


Andy Xiang

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