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Everyone has their study habits and methods of studying. Some can only study alone in a quiet place so they go to libraries. In this case at Riverside, it would either be the Science or Rivera library. Others may enjoy studying groups where people can ask for help and questions. Some may enjoy the discussions in group studying and other may simply like being with friends or alone. Either way, we are all unique and have our own individual methods of studying.

Studying in the Dorm Lounges

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Aberdeen-Inverness also was known as AI, Lothian, and Pentland all have wonderful lounges to study in. AI’s noise level is the highest amongst the three and it could be a bit focusing as there will always be people and conversations popping constantly. On the bright side, there is plenty of opportunities to meet your friends and socialize with others. AI’s lounges are a bit worn and used, but they do fill the satisfaction of being comfortable when studying.

Lothian has the biggest lounges among the three Residential Halls. They have plenty of chairs and even a huge TV in case people need a break. There are 2-3 tables, which allows for many people to get together with friends.

Pentland has this very traditional style lounge where everything is made out of wood. Pentland’s community is by the far quietest allowing for students to study in peace. The building is scattered apart and takes some walking to go from one place to another. As a result, there are fewer people and more peaceful time. If you really looking for a good place to study with your friends, Pentland is the place.

The disadvantages of studying in the lounges are that friends will always come up to you and start conversations. Some friends who you haven’t met will appear and want to catch-up. There will be other distractions such as foods, door-sounds, and many others. If you really want to get work done, the library is the place to go.

Studying at the Library

The library is where you can actually get work done. The science library at UC Riverside is far better, newer, cleaner, and quieter than the Riviera one. Sadly, it is not located at the center of campus like Rivera. At the library, you won’t see people walking around places or loud conversations. The silent policy is strongly enforced. Plus, you might even meet intelligent and well-rounded people who can help you on your assignments or tasks.

You would want to go to the second or third floor at the Science Library at UCR. Those floors have the most tables are not too distant from anything else. The first floor will have a lot of conversations at the reference desk and constant noises of the door opening.

Having friends to study is always helpful yet it can be distracting. If you want to study casually the dorms at UCR is a great place. Any other place outside is too uncomfortable since Riverside is always hot. Lastly, if you are serious about studying go to the library.


Andy Xiang

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