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To start off, Greek life is nothing like the movies. There’s no hazing, no sorority house, and you don’t go through it alone. For sororities, there’s many different aspects you need to embrace so you can understand what you’re about to go through.


In order to go through recruitment there are some things you need to think about beforehand.

1. Don’t go in close minded.

If you go in already thinking you want one sorority, you’ll be closed off to even considering other chapters. You might like a certain sorority, but open up your mind and you might like the other sororities too. You might find your real home somewhere you least expected.

2. There are expenses!

Being a part of a sorority and even going through recruitment has expenses. To go through formal recruitment, you need to pay a registration fee. And once you find your home, there are new member fees and other fees that can add up and be intimidating. But talk to your sorority, cause they will work with you so you can pay for everything. 

3. Recruitment is a lot.

It’s three days of talking to girls, making decisions, and getting up early. There’s a lot of emotions that go into this process and people are so understanding about it all.

4. You should talk to your Rho Gammas!

Rho Gammas are women who’ve gone through recruitment, and are now there to help you though. They are members of a chapter but have surrendered their letters to help give girls advice so they can find their home. They’ve been where you are, so talk to them.

5. It’s a mutual process!

You might absolutely love one sorority, but they could think you’re a better fit somewhere else. It doesn’t mean they didn’t love you, it just means they think you’d be happier somewhere else.

6. You can always say no.

On Bid Night, you don’t have to accept your bid. If you so desire you can decline the offer and try again though continuous ongoing bid (COB) or go through formal recruitment again next year.

7. But remember, they chose you.

If for some reason you don’t get the sorority you want and you’re upset about that, it’s understandable. But you need to remember, the chapter that gave you a bid chose you. They saw something in you that they wanted and they think you’d be a good match for their chapter.

Sorority Life:

Once you’ve gone through recruitment and gotten your bid, it’s time for you to join your home. Not every sorority is the same, but they do have commonalities.

  • They want new members,  so if you join them, they’ll love you.
  • Just because you’re in one sorority doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with people in other sororities/fraternities.
  • There are rules! The sorority you join is now your home and you represent them as much as you represent yourself.
  • These women are here to help you grow in every sense. They are your home away from home, your rock, and support system.
  • This is a lifelong membership! These girls and girls past and future will always be a part of your life.
  • As a rule of thumbs, what happens in meetings, parties, and retreats stays there. Don’t gossip about your sisters.

Overall, the sorority experience on UCR’s campus is pretty amazing and while there are ups and downs, when you find your home it’ll be worth it in the end.


Mia Mahzouf

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