22. mills college dining halls

As a college student, getting sick of dining hall happens quite often. Below, we have some ways to avoid this problem and save your money! Say goodbye to spending all your cash and eating soup, we have the right tips for you!

Distribute Dining Dollars and Meal Swipes

Most of us students get sick of the repetitive meal choices and cuisines at the dining hall, rather than the actual quality of the food itself. The best bet for people in this situation is to switch into the Highlander 150 plan next quarter. With this option, you are provided with $225 to spend on restaurants around campus. This money goes fast however, so its best to limit yourself to only spending a few times a week, so your money isn’t used up early on in the quarter!

Glen Mor Market

Yup. Inside of the Market at Glen Mor, there is food! One side of the counter takes dining dollars, bear bucks, and other card payments, but better yet, the other side takes meal swipes! Yes! If you are sick of res hall food and not interested in spending those precious dining dollars, this is a great option. Online, their menu is available to access for all students, and they have awesome options (catfish, rib eye, grilled chicken, etc).

Go Shopping Regularly

If you have access to a car or any other transportation, take a trip to the grocery store about once every 2 weeks to stock up on easy-to-make food for your dorm. Some good options are cereal, oatmeal, canned soup, and frozen foods. All UCR students who live on campus have some sort of access to a fridge and freezer, so you can store these foods easily. Likewise, there is also a microwave in each room, and plenty of storage to hold all of your materials. If your home is close to campus, see if you can have your parents drop off snacks and drinks, or after visiting them for a weekend, pick some up on your way back. Amazon Prime also has a feature called “Amazon Pantry” where you can order from a variety of choices and have your groceries delivered to your door. (P.S. as UCR students, we get access to Prime for FREE!)

Avoid Overeating

One of the major benefits of the Highlander 150 plan is that it only allows you a maximum of 2 meal swipes per day. This is good, because one of the biggest reasons why people get tired of dining hall food is this exact reason: eating too much of it. Try to eat at least one meal in your room, and only once or twice from the dining hall a day.

Food Trucks Take Meal Swipes!

In the Lot 20 parking lot located behind Aberdeen Inverness and between Pentland Hills are 3 food trucks. This is also an awesome option for us hungry students. They are open late, very close to the dorms, and take up to $10 worth of items in the form of a meal swipe! The Chameleon truck has amazing Mexican-style cuisine, and has some really good carne asada fries.

Remember these tips when you’re planning your next meal. It’s extremely helpful to budget your spending and swipes, so you never run low!


Mina Vazirian

Hey y'all I'm Mina, a current first-year student at the University of California Riverside! I was a Media and Cultural Studies major, but I have switched over to Theatre, Film, and Digital Production to pursue a career as a film producer.

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