UCR’s School of Business, also known as SoBa, is one of UCR’s best programs. No freshmen or sophomore can simply join the program. The program requires a specific amount of courses to be taken and anyone with a GPA lower than 2.7 will automatically be removed from consideration.

SoBa is simply a wonderful program because you will be filled with like-minded people pursuing similar passions alongside you. Plus, the majority of students there are academically driven and friendly.

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To even be considered in the SoBa administration, you should apply after the 2nd year of your college academics. You can still apply after your 3rd or fourth year though, there will be 2 more years of academic courses to fulfill once admitted into SoBa.

One main reason as to why SoBa is so successful is the concentration areas provided. Upon admission, students are allowed to 6 concentration areas where your skill will be honed and specialized. This will make employers value you more because you may possess a skill that only a certain few can have, making you hard to be replaced.

The six concentrations are:

  1. Accounting and Auditing
  2. Finance
  3. Management
  4. Information Systems
  5. Marketing
  6. Operations and Supply Chain Management

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To get into SoBa, the requirements are

Course codes may be different each quarter and some units are transferable if you are transferring into SoBa from a different University.

The most difficult part in fulfilling these requirements is that the courses must all have received a passing grade. If a passing grade is not received then the student cannot apply. Also, foreign language has to be completed. Most students fulfill their foreign language requirement later on in the degree.

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UCR goes by a quarter system and each course is about 4 units. Only Calculus for Business and Statistics for Business have prerequisites, which is Pre-Calculus. If the student cannot take Pre-Calculus then he or she must take the math classes necessary in order to fulfill the prerequisites.

Business Workshop

There is also a 2 Unit Pass or Fail Course that each student must take in order to qualify for the program. The course is known as a Learning Community (LC). Students will have peer mentors who will teach you the ethics and applicational practices in the business world. The class is less of book study type but more of hands-on activities. Students will participate in real life scenarios and examine different types of business cases. Another requirement is students must have 90 units completed, all of which have received a passing grade.

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Failure to meet any of these requirements will automatically deny you from admission. SoBa has a very strict guideline, which makes it a wonderful and somewhat prestigious program since not every student can be admitted. However, once admitted, business opportunities, new relationships, and internship will come rolling to you.


Andy Xiang

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