Heres what successful people do in the morning

Morning time is one of the most peaceful and productive time of the day. Some even say what you do in the morning determines how the rest of your day will be. Some people decide to take a morning jog, work on their homework or beginning to plan their day. At UC Riverside, the morning community life has some awesome benefits.

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall at Lothian and AI are filled with yummy food. Nobody has ever complained about not finding a place to sit at. The dessert section is filled with delicious doughnuts and there is absolutely no line. The food is usually fresh as there is also not many people lining up for food. Some people end up doing their homework while eating because the dining hall is quiet in the morning. This could be primarily because everyone is busy with morning classes or with sleep.

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Morning Class Attendance

Nobody likes the horrible 8 AM classes. If you look at the attendance for some, less than 50% of the class shows up. It is ridiculously hard to show up at 7AM and start learning at 8AM. Only a handful of college students are motivated enough to listen to a professor talk about physics, chemistry, or whatever subject it may be. Though there are definitely students walking around in the morning trying to get to their classes, The walk is actually quite peaceful as the air and weather are in the perfect state at Riverside. Since students live in the desert, it is actually pretty uncommon to have decent weather. Fortunately, the morning will always serve as great weather here.

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Gym (UCR Recreation Center)

Unlike the night, the Recreational Center is actually not packed at night. You almost have the entire facility to yourself. People are either busy with classes, eating, or sleeping. The weights rack, treadmills, and privacy are literally all yours. The gym is not crowded at all. If you are shy about your body or want to have your alone time, the gym will actually be a great place.

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Peace and Quiet

The morning at Riverside is known to be extremely quiet and peaceful. This is where most students complete the majority of their work as they can be very productive. Few distractions exist such as friends texting you, attending classes, and side conversations. Even social media is not constantly notifying you with messages every second. The morning is your time. Depending on how you use it can identify the type of person you are. Some people even use this time to relax to prepare for the hectic day up ahead.

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UC Riverside has a calm yet productive morning life. Many students choose sleep rather than attending classes or eating food. Though, you will see students hustling at the gym and walking to class. This all depends on a student’s priorities and motivation.


Andy Xiang

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