CHFY007, also known as CHASS F!RST Year Learning Community, is a mandatory class for all first-year CHASS majors at the University of California Riverside. It is only 1 quarter and two-unit class that all freshmen have to take when entering UC Riverside. It is like a course to help students adapt to the transition between high school and college. There are two peer mentors, who are in their 4th year, to help you with your skills.

Personal Education Package

The creators of this course have built a handbook for the peer mentors to follow and a package that each student receives. In this package, students are required to attend TA and Professor’s Office hours, cultural events, and advising appointments. This is to simply help students become engaged and proactive in their learning. Many students don’t know how college works and this class forces these students to go outside of their bubble and explore the unknown boundaries.

Reflection Papers

After almost every visit or experience, students are required to write a reflection paper. Most students typically fail on the first two papers because they don’t read the rubric and mostly summarize. In the reflection paper, students are required to discuss their future goals, perspective, or how their views have changed based on their experience. It’s forcing students to think about how this experience has changed them.

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A class fewer than 30 students

CHFY007 is also known as a workshop and is one of the classes that have fewer than 30 students. Given that UC Riverside is a public school, lectures consist of at least 100 students. Some may even exceed 400 students. However, the small class size gives the opportunity to build stronger social relationships and make more friends as you will continuously see this handful of students. People in this class are relatively the same major as you. When selecting a CHFY Class you get an additional class with it, sorta like a package. For example, students can take a CHFY and Microeconomics class at the same time. That way, people can bond easier.

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The class is a pass or fail a class. To some majors, if you fail this class you can be dropped from your major. Though this is one of the easiest classes available because 4th-year students are teaching this and don’t require heavy book studying. This class is just a matter of writing papers and seeing how much you participate. Unfortunately, participation is mandatory because they know that students will not attend such an easy class.

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This learning community class is mandatory and the only way to dodge this is if you have a valid excuse such as sport or doctor’s note. This class can be useless to some and very helpful to others. It mostly depends on what students need. It is what you make best of the situation that determines who you are.


Andy Xiang

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