Every student is looking for easy classes to take at UCR. With classes that have labs and courses that have difficult concepts, every student needs easy classes to take for a GPA booster. Most of these classes below require effort. The professor does not hand out As, but the majority of the class will get As as long as they either attend class or complete the work.

1. Intro to Dance (DNCE005)

This class is the class everyone knows about. Almost every student is fighting for this class because of its popularity and easiness. Plus, the class is extremely fun if you are with friends. Attendance is absolutely required, but if you attend class and the professor and TAs see you trying, then you should have no problem getting an A. This class just requires you to attend class. You will get to move around and talk to friends in this class. For those who are too busy to go to the gym, you’re almost killing two birds with one stone.

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2. Intro to Acting (THEA 010)

Intro to Acting is almost like DANCE 005. This is just a matter of preference. Some people prefer to dance more and other rather go to the theater. Though both these classes require attendance and that will essentially make up your grade. As long as the professor see you attempt to act and put in the effort, you will get an A. This class requires effort, but some people are either too lazy or shy to do so. If you do not show up to class then do not hope to get an A, because attendance will make or break your grade.

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This is a class most first years take. It is almost like an intro to a college class and is taught by two fourth-year graduate students. Since students are grading this, they prefer not to give out failing grades as they are also fellow students. This class is a workshop and teaches you skills such as time management, coping with your stress, and planning your future. Once again, this class requires attendance and a few assignment anyone can do. As long as you do all the simple work, you should easily obtain an A effortlessly.

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4. Intro to Computing (CS 008)

Intro to Computing is one of the required and prerequisite classes for many upper-level classes. For instance, students will need to take this class to take STAT 048, Business Statistics. Fortunately, this class is ridiculously easy that some colleges will not accept this class as transfer credit. All students learn about is what is in a computer like CPU, motherboard, and other hardware components.

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These classes may be easy. Though, they mostly require attendance and some effort. There will always be a few students who get Bs because of not attending or missing an exam, but if you are delicate and cautious about your grades, then you will do well.


Andy Xiang

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