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English is one of those classes that nobody can avoid and at the same time nobody is passionate to take. Fortunately, there are over 90 English classes to choose from as they offer almost every possible time slot so it can fit into your schedule. Plus, English is one of those classes that students can easily fail if they do not pay attention to their grades.


Students will have to take a minimum of 2 English classes at UC Riverside. Most students will need to take 3. There is, unfortunately, no seminars or programs that can help you avoid the rigors of these English courses. On English 1C or one of the hardest English courses, students start to struggle as they did not pay enough attention to English 1B or English 1A. That is why it is important to continuously place effort in all your English classes, which is also one of the reasons why English classes can be difficult.

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Core Class

Sadly there is no possible way of avoiding English class. It is one of the most important core classes for each major. Even if you are a foreign language major, you still have to take an English class. If students fail their required English classes then they would have to take English again until they pass, and there are usually 3 quarters of English to take.

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It is English 

English, in general, is never an easy class to take. English is a composition of multiple languages combined into one. Plus there are being new words added to the dictionary each year. One that we all know of is how people would say “just google it”. Google became a verb rather than just a website. Also if professors request you to read literary works from the past, it can be very difficult for some people as they are only accustomed to reading modern English.

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Never an Easy A 

The curriculum for English classes is typically the same. There are around 5 essays and that is your grade. There is no curve so that means if you want an A in your English class you must receive As on almost every paper you write. Plus, papers are due in 2 weeks. That means 1 week is to develop your rough draft and the next one you should be starting on your final. The pace and grading are never easy.

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English typically will ruin your GPA as it is a difficult class to achieve an A. Though, it is also one of the most valuable classes to take for any students. People use English almost every day of their lives. As long as you put in your time and effort, your results will show.



Andy Xiang

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