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At most 4 year universities, a 3.5 GPA and higher is all considered a good GPA. That means the person’s average on all subjects is a B+ which is pretty good. However, if students score anything above a 3.5, students are considered as phenomenal. Though, the difficulty of the school and courses will always be a factor.


Every year there will be a lot of scholarships offered to students. The majority of scholarships will obviously be offered to hardworking and high performing students. This typically means that they will be offered to students who have high GPAs. The higher your GPA the better your chances are. Unlike in high school where you have to focus on extracurriculars, you will only need to primarily focus on your academics.

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After achieving a 3.5 GPA, your school will surely recognize you for your achievement. Most commonly, you will be enrolled in Dean’s honors list, which is for people who have obtained a 3.5 GPA for a quarter and if you have done attained a 3.5 GPA consequently, you will receive be enrolled in the Chancellor’s honors list. Being enrolled in an honors list means you can receive more scholarships and opportunities.

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One of the primary purposes of attending college is to obtain a strong academic foundation and your GPA is normally used to show that as a result. Being one of the highest academic performing students means that you are the leaders of your school. You are at the very top and people will look up to you. Henceforth, companies will be seeking you for jobs and career opportunities. It is obvious that when companies visit your school they will be seeking people who perform well in school the most. Plus, you may also receive exclusive invites from your school about career fairs.

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Future Jobs

Doing well for your academics is not for your parents or peers. Doing well is solely for yourself. You are in control of your own future and doing well in school will open doors for many things. Most college students plan to enter the workforce after undergraduate schools, especially for Business majors. Those who have high G.P.A. will have a higher chance of landing an interview. At this early age, people will look more for your GPA and academic performance than what you have done in the workforce.

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Attaining a strong GPA has many benefits during the school year. However, the main benefit is investing in your future for yourself. There is nothing more important than putting the time and effort to further improve yourself in order to one day help others. If you place the time and effort to study hard, a strong GPA will come eventually.


Andy Xiang

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