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Stepping into the museum is a world of its own. The museum consists of three floors. The theme of the first floor is was photography. Situated on the walls were beautiful shots in black and white, some dating back to the 1800s when a man first figured out how to permanently imprint a picture on metal.


Every picture is elegantly framed with gold and some were even secured with a velvet cover to protect it. Sitting behind glass cases were numerous antique cameras dating back to the early 1900s. This is an incredibly engaging experience for some, especially those interested in photography. The next floor consist of mannequins covered in bizarre neon clothing and strange paintings. The theme of the third floor is science fiction. There was a painting of a human man, and in his arms, a female alien being.

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While photography was what drew people to visit the museum, what captivated people the most were the artworks displayed on the third floor. By imagining an alternate universe, artists used science fiction to express culture and address present-day issues that involved immigration, citizenship, and social justice. They used vivid imagery and creative displays to question social order and ecological concerns shaped by human beings. From immigration issues to ecological concerns, science fiction let people understand our reality more deeply.

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Before coming to the museum, most people looked at many paintings very plainly. In general, people don’t think much of artwork besides that it looks nice. From reading the background information given on the walls of the museum and looking back at photos from a museum trip, you understand that there is more than just paint on a canvas. Behind every renown painting, there is a story or purpose. The next time you look at the artwork, you will examine the pieces more thoroughly to try to understand the meaning its artist wanted to share.

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Sometimes, after many days of hard work and studying, people just need a break. Some people just need to leave campus a bit and reflect a bit. If you’re feeling stressed, you can visit this museum as a method of relaxing. The history involved in each artwork is truly amazing and historical. Some classes require you to visit places like the Museum too, so it is always a good idea to visit it ahead of time.

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UCR‘s Museum of Photography is a truly relaxing and artistic piece of work. Students who are an art major can gain insight into their academic work. It is also a great place to relieve stress and avoid studying for a while. Plus, it is always a good idea to get to know the community around you. Every once in a while, people should learn how to appreciate art.


Andy Xiang

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