Registering for classes at Riverside is never a simple nor organized task since there are so many people. In fact, if you are freshmen or sophomore undergraduate, you will have the lowest priority at this school. Sometimes, your classes will be entirely full so it will be extremely hard for you to register for your classes. However, when you have the option to pick your classes, finding the proper time slot is crucial.


The morning at 8am is one of the most silent times of the day at Riverside. There are very few people awake at this time as they have very few reasons to even awake this early. Students either are going to go to the library and this time of thehour or attending a class. Most classes this early are for labs since they require absolute peace and silence. Nobody tries to start conversations with you as it is just too early for them in the morning. Riverside is known to have a wild night and peaceful morning.

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At Riverside, people just arrived to work at 8am and many people are still sleeping. Students avoid taking 8am at Riverside because they usually have activities at night which could include playing for the tennis club or completing a lab. Thus, there are very few distractions given the few number of people at Riverside. There is nobody to talk to in the morning and you will get your work done as people are not there to distract you.

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Waking-up is actually the hardest part of the morning. Nobody wishes to wake up from sleeping unless there is serious work to be done. When we are sleeping we release our worries and stress. Sometimes, if we do not get enough sleep, waking up could be horrible. The sad thing about having a morning class at UCR is that you are forced to wake up no matter what.

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At Riverside, the students and staff are typically not moring people. As a result, the restaurants and dining hall are usually not open. The dining hall does say they are open at that hours, but they will rarely have any food displayed. In fact, if you go in at the time they open, you will see everybody set-up. The only food that will be accessible is soda, milk, and cereal.

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At the end of the day, waking up in the morning will solely be determined by preferences. Some people like waking up early in the morning because they feel productive and others prefer sleeping in. The choice is ultimately up to you.

Andy Xiang

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