Riverside is actually building another residence hall that will be expected to finish building in 2020. As a result, more freshmen will be accepted given the availability and room for students to live on campus. Thus, the decision on where to dorm at the first year at UC Riverside will give students more options.

1. Space

Pentland is by far the most spacious dorm there is. It would almost count as an apartment if you did not have to share a room with two or three other people. Compared to other dorms like AI or Lothian Pentland only has 10 people each hall. Dorms in AI have around 50 or 100 people per dorm. You would be sharing bathrooms and showers with everyone in your hall. Given that there are fewer people in the building, there will be more space for you to work with.

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2. Peace

Pentland is also known to be one of the quietest places on campus. Simple because there are so many buildings and few people. This is also primarily because of the extremely higher costs. Pentland as of right now is the most expensive dorm and has the fewest people living in it. Thus, with fewer people around, there will be less talking and moving. The noise level is always quiet because everything is so far away. You would have to walk 10 minutes just to get to the computer lab, depending on where you live.

3. Food

The best part about living in a place where there are much fewer people is that more resources are devoted to you. That means more food and school supplies will be up to grab for you. There are always events at Pentland sponsored by the Residential Services and they give away free pencils, scantrons, and food. There is usually a surplus created and you can always grab more than the minimum at the end of these events.

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4. Social Connections

With fewer people in each building, it will be easier for you to get to know the names of people around. Social connections can be formed easier because you will not be knowing so many people at once. In fact, sometimes the people who live in your building will be the closest people you know. After all, the more you see someone, the more you get to know them. There will be opportunities to form stronger relationships given the small number of people.

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5. Community 

Each residential area has its own community and culture. For instance, AI is known to be very loud at night and quiet in the morning. Lothian is known to be the people who work hard and play hard. Pentland is known for people who want to work hard and study hard given the peaceful environment. The community has a larger budget due to its high costs and people are generally nice and happier here because of the silence. The faculty extremely cares about you because there are only so few of you. Thus, most people in the community at Pentland are extremely nice.

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Pentland is by far the most peaceful and productive dorm on the Riverside Campus. Though it is always the most expensive, it will be worth your money. There is a new dorm that will be constructed in 2020 and many people might choose that newer dorm instead because of the novelty.

Andy Xiang

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