UCSD is a fun school. But it also has some fun classes. 

As most of you know, every year we look for interesting, fun and exciting classes to take at UC San Diego. Luckily UCSD is a school with tons of awesome classes. Here are 10 of the most fun Classes at UCSD.

1. MUS 16 – The Beatles

Let’s bring Beatlemania back! For all you die-hard fans out there, this is definitely the class for you. You will eat, sleep and breathe The Beatles. Besides listening and watching, you get to discuss beyond the realms of what made the group so revolutionary in the history of music. Plus, with all this knowledge, you’ll be an ace at starting compelling conversations with your peers. If you’re looking for a course that can satisfy your college’s fine art general education requirements (GE’s), look no further for this is not only a fun course, but also an easy one.

2. TDGE 10 or 11 – Theatre and Film/Great Performances on Film

Again, another super fun-easy- A class that can satisfy your Fine Arts GE requirement regardless of what college you are in. You literally go to class and watch movies. That’s pretty much it. This is a fantastic course to take if you are taking other intense, stressful courses during the quarter. I mean, we all need a break don’t we? What better way to take a break than to watch movies in class and get credits! Without a doubt, TDGE 10 or 11 are bird courses for all you freshies out there.

3. MUS 6 – Electronic Music

Better known as EDM. “Guess what? I’m taking a class on EDM.” How cool would it be to brag about that to your friends and family?

4. CHIN 10AN – Chinese for non-native speakers

Don’t you want to learn the language spoken by nearly 1.2 billion people in the world? (That’s 16% of the world’s population!) Not only does this language make you sound cool, but it will certainly open many doors for you in the future. The Chinese Studies department at UCSD is one of best in the country. Apart from that, the professor and his team of TA’s are arguably the most accomplished here at UCSD as they are not just passionate about the language, but are extremely approachable and caring towards their students. With a relatively small class size, you get all the attention you need. Personally, this is the most fun course I’ve taken so far.

5. SIO 87 – Physics of Surfing

In case you don’t already know, UCSD is the no. 1 school in the nation for surfing. C’mon, the beach is only a stone’s throw away from the campus. This course also earns the top spot for bird courses as new freshmen students are prioritized when enrolling in this course. Besides, you get a chance to study at one of the coolest classrooms on campus located at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography on top of at least having one lab session down by the Scripps pier!

6. HISC 111 – The Atomic Bomb and The Atomic Age

For all you history buffs out there, this course highlights a major turning point in modern history. What made the bomb so deadly? What’s in it? How did the Atomic Bomb pave the way for more weapons of mass destruction in the future? Should America even drop the bomb in the first place and how would history be different if the bomb hadn’t been dropped? If you’ve always wondered about these thought provoking questions, take this class! You may not find clear-cut answers to some of these questions but that’s what makes history so intriguing and fun.

7. LIGN 17 – Making and Breaking Codes

We all know we are detectives deep down inside (especially all you social media stalkers out there). Time to bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes and put your skills to the test. In this course, you will learn how to analyze and interpret symbols, encode and decode information, and basically learn about secret languages/codes such as hieroglyphics, computer languages and ciphers. Not cool enough? Think again.

8. TDTR 10 – Introduction to Dance

Sadly, the dance department in UCSD is underrated despite housing the Emmy-Award winning La Jolla Playhouse with such incredible state-of- the-art facilities. This is another great course to satisfy your Fine Arts GE requirement. Although you do need to attend lectures to pass this class, the professor of this course is half the reason why this is such a fun and exciting class to take! You will watch videos explaining about the social and historical aspects that sparked the evolution of dance and not only learn about how dancers move but also what makes dance such an exquisite art-form and a means of communication today.

9. ANTH 2 – Human Origins

Ever thought about where we came from? Why do we walk on two feet but not other mammals? Personally, after taking this course, I understood more about human evolution than I ever did before. This course is not only easy especially if you have a high school biology background, but the professor is so friendly and funny. You’ll learn everything about what makes humans, human. From the smallest things like the function of DNAs in cells to gigantic primates in the past, you will learn it all. Imagine feeling smart when talking to other people about human evolution and clearing its misconceptions!

10. PHIL 10 – Intro to Logic

Many UCSD students can agree that you can get an A in this class with minimal effort. The textbook is written by the professor has several practice exams in it, most of which being identical to the actual exams. It isn’t just a boring class where you can guarantee yourself an A and forget about whatever you’ve learned in the quarter. It’s so much fun because you learn about basic argumentation, informal fallacies, and how we prove stuff. These are things you do everyday without realizing. It doesn’t matter if you are a STEM student or a Humanities student, this course is a one size fits all.


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