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As students, we take pride in the things you are only able to see or experience if you’re a student of that university. Whether you loved or hated every bit of UCSD, these are just a few of the things all Tritons can agree on.

1. Looking for parking is literally like looking for a needle in a haystack.

UCSD may seem like it has tons of parking structures and parking lots. But boy, it takes forever to park your car. This problem has gone to the extent of banning Freshmen from obtaining parking permits.

2. If your significant other lives in Sixth while you live in ERC, your relationship might as well be an LDR. That’s how big UCSD is.

3. Many students I’ve met say they come to UCSD just for the awesome weather San Diego offers. Seriously, San Diego has been voted multiple times as the city with the best weather. It’s sunny but mild, what could be better?

4. “I’M SORRY? WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?” -Says everybody whenever a jet plane flies over

This is something every UCSD student can relate to. Whether you’re out on the beach, in the library, or with headphones+music blasting, the sound of the jets flying over conquers all other sounds.

5. Battle of the dining halls

As you know, UCSD is famous for having 6 colleges with every campus owning their own dining hall. Revelle (64 Degrees), Warren (Canyon Vista), Muir (Pines), Marshall (OceanView), ERC (Cafe Ventanas), Sixth (Foodworx). These dining halls along with many other dining locations mean that you’ll never go hungry.

6. But if you do go hungry…for Asian food…there’s always Convoy!

Ask any Asian food grubber from UCSD and they’ll say Convoy is their go-to spot for Asian food.

7. Be honest, the talking/singing tree scared you at some point while you were here.

If you don’t already know, there is a talking/singing tree along the pathway from library walk/Geisel to Peterson Hall. The tree sings/plays anything from good ol’ classical music, The Beatles, Folk music and even famous speeches.

8. Geisel Library

Named after the amazing Dr. Seuss, this library has been and will continue to be the icon of UCSD. It is a massive structure shaped like hands lifting up a pile of books. Fun Fact: Our library has made an appearance in the 2010 film, Inception. Good luck trying to find a spot during midterms and finals season.

9. Primal Scream

“And here we have our majestic campus inhabited by students suffering from the wrath of exam stress. This is one of the many ways our students come together to wash away their frustrations temporarily.”

Every quarter before and during finals week, students across 6 colleges will scream out of their windows at night. To outsiders who happen to pass by UCSD at this time, move along now, nothing to see here. Just UCSD students being UCSD students.

10. Sun God

UC Socially Dead? Come to Sun God. Need I say more?

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