Every school has its unique people. They are easily identifiable and you are probably friends with most of them. Here is a list of 12 guys and girls you’ll most likely encounter at UCSD

1) The Dungeon Master: 

The dungeon master is known for spending most of his college years in some Lab. At UCSD you will find them at the basement, aka the bottom of floor of the EBU building. Every friend of his you meet will say that he practically lives in the lab. You don’t see him ever because he spends most of his nights coding away. He is a computer science major or something computer related. Everyone knows where to find him because he always says he has to code in the lab. If you’re lucky you’ll see him in his dorm. But it’s really brief because he has to go code some more. His roommate wonders where he is most of the time and is a proud owner of a single room in something that would have been a double. The dungeon master doesn’t shower for a couple days, mostly because he doesn’t have the time to. He has to turn in a program that is due in the next couple days.


2) Messy Jim 

This guy is a genius. But he is messy. His clothes are thrown all over his room. Most of the time he can’t find what he is searching for because there are piles and piles of stuff scattered on his bedroom floor. You are lucky if you could see the carpet floor. How is his room so messy? Well, he comes back from class throws his stuff on the floor. He showers and throws his clothes on the floor. Whatever he owns, he throws in the floor. Sometimes he finds that leftover sandwich or burrito lying around and eats it.  Every time he walks into his room he has to jump over piles of food, clothes and random stuff in his room. The funniest thing is that he was the cleanest roommate too. And his roommate wonders how someone could be this messy.

3) Gaming Jesse

This guy doesn’t care about school. He lives on games. If you have Super Smash bro’s melee in your dorm, he is there.  He lives to play. His friends wonder why he is not in class. When they ask him where he was, he says he was playing video games with his roommates. He hasn’t been to lecture in weeks because of a new game that came out that he just finished playing. Somehow, he aces his classes and everyone wonders how. This gamer is more than show. He is successful in life.

4) The Animal Rights Activist


She hates you. She thinks you eat meat. Which, you probably do. Nothing satisfies her like putting down people who eat meat. She talks about the slaughterhouse and all kinds of things to get you off of eating meat. It works if you listen to her. If you’re not convinced of animal cruelty and refrained from eating meat she’ll force you to see this video on animal cruelty. By time you’re done watching the video you’re fully disgusted. In the process you realize you have begun filling out a form to support animal rights. By then she will also have your contact information. She’s usually on library walk during the week. She is vegan. She doesn’t eat any dairy and is probably lactose intolerant. She is proud of her eating habits and tries to talk you into changing your diet. She wants you to become vegan too. She’ll tell you she was once vegetarian but that being vegan is much better. She loves animals and would die for them.

5) Sleepy Joey


He studies a lot, more than everyone. He gets A’s in all his classes, has an internship somewhere and is part of at least five student organizations. He goes to class to only fall asleep. His friends are constantly laughing at him because he sleeps in class. They take videos of him sleeping just so that they can show it to their friends. Sleepy Joey will probably watch these videos of him on twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These videos show him nodding his head back and forth violently. At times it looks like his head is about to fall off, or that he will bang his head with the person sitting behind him or bang it on his desk. His friends make clapping noises to make him think the class is finished only to see him wake up clapping while the class is going on. He claps loudly to make the professor believe he has been awake this whole time only to realize he was pranked by his friends and is now the center of attention. 

6) The Club Guru 


He is always on library walk. He makes the flyers, he hands then out. He is practically the catalyst of his clubs. He is passionate about his organizations. One day you see him at one org, the next day somewhere else and the following day elsewhere. He is always on library walk hunting people down. He is a face you won’t forget while at UCSD.

7) The body builder 


This guy is buff, like beyond buff. All the guys look at him and wish they could be him. His body sometimes looks so sturdy that you question if it is humanly possible. Most of the girls eye him while he walks. They take pictures of him to talk to their friends about him. Some guys think it’s gross to have a body like his and are grossed out by his complexity. He walks really stiff and is always sipping on a protein shake. Everyone says he is probably taking steroids. Which is true if you ask him. He is definitely loved and admired at our campus.


8) Sleeping beauty


She is always caught sleeping somewhere. She is either under a tree, in the lounge, the library or a different apartment. No one knows where to find her. If you ask her neither does she. She can sleep practically anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s the floor or couch or bed. When she needs sleep she needs sleep. Her friends are often looking for her all the time. But she is nowhere to be found. All her friends know is that she is probably sleeping somewhere. You probably know her because she has slept at your dorm. She has taken over your common area and all you can do is watch and wonder quietly how she got there. When she wakes up she is always wondering what she is doing there or how she got here. She doesn’t seem to remember. Everyone knows she is awake because she is loud. But you all love her and love the stories she shares with you.


9) The Runners


They are always running. They run around the campus loop about twice a day as a warm up. You see them in groups of 10-12 guys running shirtless across our campus. You know they are coming through because every girl looks their way to get a glimpse of their abs. As a guy you wonder what the girls are thinking about. As a girl, I don’t really know. But these runners are fast. Just as quickly as you saw them approach, they are gone.

10) The Preacher


Everyone dislikes him. No one knows where he comes from or why he shows up to campus. They just know he is in front of Geisel Library. He has a couple friends who carry those “You are going to hell signs”, and they hand out some books for you to read about God. When he speaks up you see a mob of students flood towards him. Most of these students say they are Atheist or agnostic. They enjoy confronting him for his beliefs and ideas. The students think he is either crazy or somewhat drunk because of all the things he says. Everyone laughs at him. Most of the times he seems a bit confused about his beliefs. But hey, he loves to do this. You’re guaranteed to see him on campus often.


11) The Miser

This is guy is cheap. All his friends know it. If something is free he will take it. If something comes with a cost he will walk away. He will take your extra food, your supplies and say he didn’t take it. He is constantly asking his friends to buy him food although he can pay for it himself. He will have you buy his lunch by making you think he doesn’t have money but later that day you’ll see him eating a whole pizza he just bought. You can ask him for slice but he will deny you it by saying that the pizza will be his lunch tomorrow.

12) The Queen


You have definitely seen her on campus. You would know. She always has the fancy outfits, the heels, the make up and the classical umbrella. She is practically a diva. She walks slowly and elegantly from her room to her class. You can see her miles away because of the bright colors of her clothes and the sunlight’s reflection off her jewelry. She takes hours to get ready. Her friends want to be just like her. Other girls think she is weird. She is most likely an international student from some country. If you’re lucky, she will talk to you and be your friend.



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