The Photography Club at UCSC, also known as Shutterslug, is the club everybody should be at. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Meet new people!

What greater way of meeting people in college is there than joining a club? In the photography club, there are a ton of new folks you can get to know—ranging in age, grade, and personality. Everybody is friendly and eager to connect with people with the same passion. New members are always welcome!!!

2. Go on “field trips”

One perk about joining the photography club would be going on adventurous outings like the one pictured above! This picture was taken during a club trip to Davenport Beach. There are also planned events such as hiking to the Garden of Eden. Don’t miss out on these crazy—also beautiful—opportunities!

3. Delve deeper into a passion

The photography club allows, as well as encourages, everybody to express and explore their love for pictures. Images are incredible, in that they tell stories. Each image, just like you, has a unique background to it. Come share yours and join the Shutterslug Photography Club at UCSC!

Although there are only three listed here, there are many more reasons why joining the club would be a great choice. If you are interested, feel free to check out the Shutterslug Facebook page for upcoming events and meetings, as well as their Instagram to look at pictures by their very own club members!


Sophie Bales

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