In the city upon a hill, in the midst of a Redwood forest, students from all over unite as one class of Banana Slugs. From the Porter Caves to Cardiac Hill, only someone who goes to UCSC would understand these 10 things about the ultimate Banana Slug experience!

1. UCSC- University of California, Sexy Calves

The campus is located on several acres of mountainous land, so you can imagine the workout your legs get when you walk (hike) to class.

2. Rain, rain, go away

The rain literally never stops, but good news! With the rain come the banana slugs.

3. Where are all the parties?

Yeah, the party atmosphere isn’t very poppin’ here, but there are some nice little cozy get-togethers off-campus, if you’re into that. If not, then yikes.

4. The Naked Run

Of course the Naked Run made the list—a classic UCSC tradition where students celebrate the first heavy rain of the year by running around the school naked. It’s great.

5. The bus situation is poor

The same year the school takes in more students also happens to be the same year the city cuts some of the bus service to the school. Nice.

6. We adore Sammy the Slug

Our school may not be the best school to go to for sports, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate our mascot Sammy the Slug!

7. The Grateful Dead is a big thing here.

Seriously though. The McHenry Library has a Grateful Dead archive collection with some neat things put on display. They even sell clothes with the band’s name with a logo of Sammy the Slug at the school bookstore.

8. People shouting their colleges in the Porter quad.

Say it loud and proud, I guess, but please, just not during quiet hours.

9. Coexistence with the wildlife

It’s a beautiful thing to be walking to class and then see a family of deer or wild turkeys, just minding their own business, ya know?

10. The view from the forest bridges

You never quite get used to the view.


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