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There are pretty cool and easy classes to take for UCSC credits. Here are some fun, easy GPA boosters to take at UCSC. 10 of the Easiest Classes UCSC!

1. CPME 3: Personal Computer Concepts

In this class you learn about personal computers. How to use your mouse, word, spreadsheets, networking and the Internet. This class is designed for students that have little to no experience with computers.

2. Literature 90: Introduction to Creative Writing

You can literally write anything in this class. You do have to share your writing but it can be like a paragraph to pages if you want. Poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction are strongly emphasize for reading and writing in this class.

3. Porter 40I: Improvisation

In this class all you do is improv. You create your own improve, receive credit for going to improv performances, and invite your friends to the end of the quarter improv show.

4. Theater Arts 20: Introductory studies in Acting

This is an introduction to basic acting skills. Students with little to no experience develop their own range of expression.

5. Music 11C: Introduction to American Popular Music

Listening to American pop music generally makes up this five unit course. Assignments are to listen to rock and roll, R&B, hip-hop, and no musical experience is needed.

6. Computer Engineering 80A: Universal Access: Disability, Technology, and Society

This class is focused on the different types of disabilities and how technology has made society more accessible for people. Guest lectures in this class are a great way to see universal accessibility in Santa Cruz and how our own metro system was upgraded to meet the needs of people with disabilities. 

7. Ocean Science 90: Fundamentals of Climate

By far the easiest Stats GE to receive. The concepts are easy to understand and you learn a lot about the atmosphere and weather. For students who do not need stats in their majors can take this class pass/ no pass.

8. Theater Arts 37: African Dance

This class teaches dances that are combined in Africa and also includes singing, history, oral tradition, and storytelling.

9. Theater Arts 80N: Walt Disney

Classic Disney movies are shown in class and you get to learn about Walt Disney.

10. Oakes 80H: Rainbow Theater Cultural Studies

Focuses on multicultural theater and plays to bring cultural awareness to all students. It’s a great class for students who want to learn about diversity in theater and plays.


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