UC Santa Cruz is an extremely unique school with many different positive aspects to it. Nevertheless, it is still a university and with that comes the daily frustrations and aggravations of college life. They may be unique gear grinders, but they are there regardless.

1. When three loop busses pass going the wrong direction.

Waiting for a loop to take me to class can be infinitely more frustrating if three or more busses pass me going the opposite direction. It becomes a game of choice – do I wait a bit longer for a bus that will take me directly to my destination, or do I hop on one going the long way around and hope it doesn’t take too long to get me there?

2. The weird pockets without WIFI and reception around campus.

Walking through campus, I have to keep in mind that all reception is not made equal, and that I will need to be careful when choosing my study spots if I want to connect to CruzNet or sometimes even my own 3G service. It can be truly frustrating, especially when I find a beautiful spot to study and my computer and/or cell phone won’t connect.

3. People who pile into the metro busses to get to the next stop on campus.

The metro busses are typically meant for students who wish to get off campus – whether for interviews, work, shopping, or going home, these students likely wish to get on the first metro they can. However, some students use the metros to jump to the next stop because they don’t wish to wait for a loop. This would be okay if it didn’t prevent students who actually need to get off campus from doing so.

4. People who complain 24/7 about the people who use the metro busses.

On the other hand, the people who constantly complain about students who use metro busses for on-campus travel are also pretty aggravating. Loudly and obnoxiously declaring that anyone who uses a metro to get to classes is a horrible person will not stop them from doing so. In fact, it will likely just irritate anyone in the immediate area.

5. When the ice cream machines only have coconut/strawberry/pineapple flavors.

Vanilla is the only stable ice cream flavor in the dining halls, and seeing it there is like finding gold. When it isn’t there, however, the only flavors available seem to be disgusting ones such as coconut, strawberry, pineapple, banana-vanilla, and more. Vanilla is love and it absolutely deserves a more constant place in the rotation of ice cream flavors.

6. The people who scream “OAKES!” as they walk through the colleges.

A little college pride isn’t a bad thing; we are all proud of where we are from and it is okay to show that. However, rowdy Oakes affiliates (or, more often, Porter and Kresge affiliates) enjoy screaming “OAKES!” at the top of their lungs, sometimes in the dead of night. When I’m trying to study, this can be one of the most annoying things in the world.

7. The random chairs missing desks in the lecture halls.

More often than not, as I sit in my favorite position in the lecture hall, I will go to pull the desk up over my chair and find that there is no desk to pull. This means I have to look completely ridiculous when I shuffle over to a better seat.

8. People who take up two seats on a full bus.

In the bustle of the day, when loop busses are at their peak capacity, it is frustrating to see two whole seats occupied by one person and their backpack. It is unbelievably rude and selfish to claim that much space when people are frantically racing to their classes and work places.

9. Healthy Monday’s featuring pizza and a lot of salad.

Healthy Monday’s on campus are an attempt to meet a quota for vegetarian meals. Even though they are indeed meatless meals, they are not actually very healthy or interesting. Most of the food offered is salad-related or, sometimes, “vegan” versions of typical meals. The one option that always makes me laugh in frustration, however, is the pizza –

which is still served even on “Healthy Monday’s”.

10. When College Nights are packed full of stereotypes or veiled racism.

We at UC Santa Cruz have had a few issues with College Nights in the past few years. More recently, we had a space-themed night with aliens and Mexican food, which sparked controversy because of the racist undertones involved in meal choice. The College Nights are fun, but they can cross the line into the land of stereotyping very quickly when a consideration of culture is lacking.

11. People who complain about the lack of Greek life on campus.

UC Santa Cruz is a unique school with very little Greek life. There aren’t many sororities or fraternities to join and many people believe this is a sign of a boring, lifeless school. But the truth of the matter is that UC Santa Cruz has so much more to offer in terms of clubs and classes (like a canoeing class) and the lack of Greek life just makes it more


12. People who complain about the lack of sports on campus.

Similarly to the lack of Greek life, UCSC has few sports to offer. No football team, Division III athletics, and constant cuts in sports funds all contribute to the perceived lack of school spirit at UC Santa Cruz. However, as with the Greek life, sports are not the only thing that make college great. UCSC has its own special qualities – you just have to take

the time to find them.

13. People who make out/get frisky on the busses.

When I am trying to get home or go to the store, the last thing I want to see is someone lunging at his/her significant other in the middle of the bus. It’s perfectly fine to have a healthy, happy relationship, but I did not choose to be subjected to a live viewing of Sucking Face and as much as I try to avoid noticing it, I really can’t.

14. The hate from locals on every social media site.

It’s no secret that most Santa Cruz locals hate college students for overrunning their city, but it can wear us students down after a while. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that students are uncomfortable and sometimes even hurt by the insults thrown around by locals.

15. The rule confusion about First Rain festivities.

First Rain is a tradition on the UC Santa Cruz campus where students run through campus naked in the first rain of the year. However, there are some rules associated with First Rain that can confuse participating students, such as the time of the run, the minimum duration of rain needed, and the weekday versus weekend argument. This confusion resulted in three First Rains in the 2014-2015 school year. Even with all of the gear grinding, UC Santa Cruz is an amazing school and a true pleasure to attend. It is just a matter of keeping those gear grinding moments from becoming the sole focus of the day and remembering that the school is gorgeous and unique.


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