Yik Yak is a beautiful app filled with the daily ventings and musings of young people (mostly). The app often has posts that truly hit home – and there are many that UC Santa Cruz students that strongly relate to them (especially the more unique ones). Here are some of the best:

1. Buses 

UC Santa Cruz has two bus types: city (metro) buses and loop busses. The city buses are primarily used for off-campus travel, whereas the loop buses merely move around spots on campus. If the metro buses are filled with people who just wish to get to a stop on campus, students travelling to off-campus are stuck waiting for another metro. Most

students at UC Santa Cruz have experienced this irritating situation at some time or another.

2. Connected

This one is highly UCSC-specific, as the hills in Santa Cruz are notorious and will almost always be connected to the most commonly used classrooms. The rule seems to be: when in doubt, walk up the closest hill to find classes.

3. Mascot

UC Santa Cruz is well known for many reasons, one of which being the mascot’s… individuality. Our mascot is the banana slug, a creature which can be found anywhere on campus (even in front of laundry rooms), though you do have to keep your eyes open if you want to spot them. Every student has wondered at some point in their college career

whether they will see the famous invertebrate around campus.

4. Quarter Sytem

UCs are on the quarter system, which means that school starts later for us than for semester system universities. We at Santa Cruz happen to be one of the last UCs to commence classes, so we are left waiting forever to get back to school. The frustration of this difference in college entrance dates is even worse at the end of the year, when everyone on the semester system is beginning summer break and we are stuck with midterms and six more weeks of school.

5. Forest

UC Santa Cruz is a school in a forest – literally. Because of the woody surroundings and the lack of parking, there are not very many cars to be seen around campus – especially around classes. This means that when we do see cars, we can’t help but feel as though they don’t really belong in our world.

6. Many beliefs

Even though UCSC is revered for its distinctive background, it’s still true that there are many commonalities in student appearances/beliefs/tastes/IQs. Coming to a university as large and reputable as Santa Cruz means realizing that you are no longer going to be the number one most perfect person in the school.

7. Music

Walking around campus, you are bound to see plenty of people listening to music. As college is filled with both introverts and extroverts, one can’t always tell whether the music is simply for pleasure or a means to avoid awkward eye contact with strangers. Anyone who walks the campus knows this to be truth.

8. Etiquette

Bus etiquette states that people should move to the back to make more room for others. If this does not happen, the bus winds up looking fuller than it actually is, meaning less people can get on. However, it can be so very difficult to be separated from your friends for more than five minutes, so this etiquette is often forgotten.

9. Tuition Costs

This one rings true for most college students. The cost of tuition is only rising with time. UC Santa Cruz costs a total of $30,000+ to attend, making it near impossible to have spare change (let alone cash) lying around for food and other necessities.

10. Transition

College is a struggle between adulthood and the powerful wish to become a kid again. Between figuring out loans, jobs, and class schedules, the transition into adulthood is tricky and complicated. This is just as true for students at UC Santa Cruz, who face the same complications of major life changes.

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