UC Santa Cruz offers a variety of different club sports—both competitive and recreational. Sports are a great way to meet new people, work as a team, and most importantly, have fun. They can also be a nice distraction from all the homework, projects, and tests you have to work on. These next five sports clubs are the most interesting and unique at UCSC.

1) Backpacking Club

To start us off, the Backpacking Club! This club is for people who love the outdoors. Anyone is welcome to join—no experience is required. In the club, there are weekly meetings you would attend and at those meetings, you play games and plan weekend backpacking trips to locations all over California. The trips are affordable and filled with fun. Join the Backpacking Club if you love hiking and nature!


2) Kayak Club

The Kayak Club is for those who love water—water is your friend. They meet biweekly to hone their skills, as well as go on surf and river trips in the Spring! People can be of any skill level, whether you are a professional kayaker or a beginner who simply loves the water! You learn skills involving balance, strategy, and movement. Come join the Kayak Club—an active water experience.


3) Tango Dance Club

The Tango Club teaches you the sensual art form of Argentine tango. It’s slightly different than the previous two clubs. This club takes place indoors, not in nature. However, it is equally as awesome! There are three different parts of the club—the beginner lessons, the performance team, and the competition team. As always, all skill levels are welcome to join. Everybody in the club is very nice and welcoming, don’t be afraid to hone your tango-ing skills and impress your friends/family in future situations!


4) Circus Slugs Club

“I like to move it, move it…” The Circus Slugs Club is the circus club on campus. This club offers a myriad of activities: juggling, unicycle, slack line, acrobatics, clowning, miming, and much more! This club is meant to be fun, silly, and all around a good time. Even non-UCSC students are encouraged to join! All skill levels are accepted, and say you know a trick or a skill that they don’t know or offer, you can teach them! They are open to suggestions and what people have to say.


5) Breakdance Club

The Breakdance Club is fun and hip. Within the club, you learn more about the art of bboying and bgirling. In addition, the club also focuses on popping and locking, house dancing, and anything that is essentially hip-hop related. There are beginner classes that you can take and soon become a true “breakdancer”! Breakdancing can help you loosen up and even step out of your comfort zone. Everybody is extremely supportive and there to help you improve your skills. Join the Breakdance Club for a good time and to meet new people with similar interests as you!


Although there are way more than five interesting sports recreational clubs on campus, these five are definitely unique in their own way. They all offer something a little different, depending on whether you’re more of a nature, outdoorsy person or an indoor person, but they all provide a reasonably affordable to free price for an awesome time. Consider these clubs the next time you’re looking for something fun to do!

Sophie Bales

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