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10 Hardest Courses at the University of Central Florida

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Mariam Jabeen
Whenever the student goes to university, he or she needs to prepare himself with the fact that he has to confront the toughest classes in college. The university courses are no walk in the park; they are extremely challenging and their subject matter is dense. In this respect, they are difficult to pass. So, let us have a look at some of the hardest courses in the University of Central Florida:

1. QMB 3200: Quantitative Methods for Business

Quantitative analysis of businessThis course will help the students to adopt a quantitative based approach towards decision making in businesses and the role that management science plays in decision making in the recent times. In order to gain admission in this course, the students need to pass out STA 2023 or QMB 2100 with a minimum C grade. As the quantitative approach is complex and demanding, students find the course difficult.

2. MAC 2311 C: Calculus with Analytical Geometry

…and there is nothing you can do about it.The prerequisites for this course is obtaining a minimum C grade in either of the two courses MAC 1140C or MAC 114. This course extensively discusses the topics on geometry such as trigonometry, integration, definite integrals, differentiation of algebraic and trigonometric functions, limits and continuity. This course is highly advanced and advanced calculus is not everyone's piece of cake.

3. MUT 1121: Music Theory and Musicianship

A deeper understanding of musicFor a two years program of music theory, this course is in the first semester. Although music at a surface level might be interesting to enjoy, going deeper into analyzing its tone through the comprehension of rhythm, melody, harmony and different forms may be challenging. This is what the course caters to and difficulty gets one step ahead when at labs the students are expected to get ear training and master at the skills of sight singing.

4. CHM 1020: Chemistry for Liberal Arts

Understanding of basic chemistry conceptsThose students who do not have science as their major subject can opt for this course. This course introduces them with the basic concepts regarding chemistry and how these concepts can be practically implied on air, pollution, drugs, nutrition, food production, and energy. To get qualified for this course, the students need to have at least a year of experience in learning algebra in high school.

5. ACG 3131: Intermediate Financial Accounting

Mastering at accounting technicalitiesWith having three credit hours and three hours of class duration, the prerequisite for this course is passing the ACG 2012 and ACG 2071 course with a minimum of C grade or CGPA 2.0. The complexity of the course is mastering at the technicalities of accounting and learning how the financial data can be interpreted and analyzed by external users.

6. POS 2041: American Federation Government

Political theories and their complexitiesThe reason why this course comes under the hardest courses in college is that it focuses on extensive understanding and examination of the American political system. Majority of the students find politics extremely boring and exhaustive especially different political concepts fly from the top of their head, many tend to sleep in the class or yawn during the lectures. So, the theories, principles, the workings of various elements that shape the political outcomes are extremely difficult to understand and learn.

7. BSC 2011 C: Principles of Biology

Organisms and kingdoms complete this biology courseThis course is highly recommended for those students who are thinking of getting a transfer to institutions that offer them four years program in biology. This course is a sequel to the Introduction to Biology course and explores the concept of evolution and ecology and the different kingdoms in biology extensively. In order to reinforce or make the subject matter of this course understandable, the students need to go through lab classes.

8. COM 1000: Introduction to Communication

Linking people with one anotherThis course has been designed in such a way that the students can learn to respond to “how” and “why” regarding methods of communication. Through detailed syllabus and dense subject matter, the students can study human communication from the multiplicity of perspectives.

9. AST 2002: Astronomy

Mysteries of the universe explainedThe students who have opted for algebra in their high school or have passed the MAC 1150C course can opt for this course. The class duration of this course is 3 and the credit hours is also 3. The students are expected to gain a descriptive understanding of stars, galaxies, solar systems, and the complexities that surround stars.

10. PHY 2053C: General Physics

Matter, energy, particles, quantum and theoryThose students who desire to major in fields such as pre-dental, pre-engineering, pre-medical, biological sciences and problem-solving abilities regarding stresses. As this course has a diverse exposure, its demands are complex and difficult too.Thus, these are the hardest courses in college. In order to pass them, students need to develop interests and the right skills and intelligence.


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