Uprooting your life to move somewhere entirely new can be intimidating. Panic mode sets in, wanting to make sure nothing is forgotten or looked over. This piece may help you feel calmer about making that adjustment.

1.FindMyClass App

This wonderful app for iPhone’s allows you to type in what university you’re attending and a 3D Google map of the school. This app uses your current location and gives you a directional line showing where you are, to where you need to be. Everyone hates being the confused, lost freshman hopelessly wandering around and being forced to ask for directions. With this app, you can remain perfectly independent. Better than that it’s COMPLETELY FREE!


2.Look Into Clubs BEFORE The First Week

Many of the groups on campus tend to begin meetings, auditions, tryouts, etc., the first and second week of school. If you miss the mark, you may possibly have to wait until spring or summer, or even the next fall. Some have specific dates and times, so it’s always better to check beforehand. Most universities have a link, or separate webpage specifically for the clubs and organizations on campus.


 3.Never EVER Leave Your Clothes in the Washer/Dryer

First is the fact that it is rude to leave your belongings in a public laundry room, when there are many others waiting for it. People will not hesitate to take your things out and put them on top of whatever machine you were using previously.  On top of that, there will be people who will steal clothes if it seems like there is no one protecting it. Bringing a computer and sitting on top of the machines, sitting outside, or timing your wash so you know exactly when to return will make it much simpler in the long run, even if it seems inconvenient at the time.


4. Try Having Specific Class Days and Specific Work/Free Days

Speaking from experience, having one class a day every day isn’t always as nice as it seems. With only having one class that may be only an hour or so, it gives you the opportunity to blow it off, skip, or not bother paying attention. If you have 3 classes on two days, your day will be filled productively.  you’ll still have recreational time, and if you wanted, you could get a part-time job, or use the time to study more.

Image result for recreational activities


5.Be Aware of Your Car

Many schools do not allow freshman to bring their car to school if they are living on campus. Do your research beforehand. If you have the option of buying a closer parking permit, even if it is more expensive, DO IT. Many people attempt to bend the rules and “fight the system”, but campus police and parking services are on their game. You WILL get a ticket at some point if you do not follow the rules, and it WILL be a waste of your money. If your class is under a 20 minute walk, just use that as an excuse to get some fresh air and exercise. Most universities also provide transportation such as trollies or buses. Learn the bus schedule and stops so you don’t run the risk of missing the vehicle and being late to class.


College, although slightly terrifying, is such a wonderful and exciting time where you become who you truly are. Make life easier on yourself by being one step ahead of the game and you’ll come out on top.


Jensen Analisa Murray

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