In the 21st century, smart phones are super helpful, especially as a college student. There are certain apps that are more useful than others, and here’s a list of 7 that you might need without even knowing it.

FindMyClass App

This phone application is a god send when it comes to finding your class location. Search “UCF” into the search bar and it will pull up a google map of the university. Search the classroom building and number and it will put a dot at your current location and where you’d like to go. In a new school, trying to get to class on time can be intimidating. Asking for questions can be slightly embarrassing so save the hassle and use FindMyClass.

Weather App

Every smart phone nowadays has the weather app included with the phone. Living in Florida, the weather is constantly changing. Keep ahead of the game and make sure you check the weather throughout the day. It could be raining and breezy at 10 a.m. and by 12:00 p.m. it’s perfectly sunny and warm. It’s nice to know beforehand because the worst feeling on earth is being halfway across campus and suddenly getting soaked without an umbrella. Don’t let that happen. Take the two seconds and look through the hourly weather report. It’s that easy.

UCF Mobile

This app has EVERYTHING. Shuttle schedules, maps, news, dining, health and fitness, myUCF, and more. UCF mobile is your one stop shop for new and returning students. There’s no excuse to be misinformed or even uninformed with this app. Within the UCF mobile is the “myUCF” section. With your UCF NID and password you log in and from there you can access your holds, to do list, finances, schedule, and much more. Save yourself the time and struggle of trying to find everything UCF related when you can download a single app and be set.


You can’t have a list for apps without including a food delivery app. Most of the best places to eat around UCF are on this app. Sometimes you won’t have the time to go out and get food. Sometimes you just don’t want to. UberEats has fast delivery and you can track your order’s location from wherever you are. It gives the option to rate your driver and has a helpful customer service link. This app is the best for food delivery, with the lowest delivery fee, fastest time, best service, and best restaurants.


This app is the go-to for many UCF students. The app version of Webcourses, used for turning in assignments and course data, is wonderful for telling you when assignments are due, when new assignments have been added, a calendar, and ways to interact with other students and professors if needed. Coming from someone who is the least organized that a person can be, this app saves lives. Seriously.


This app is for emails. Knights email goes through Outlook (Microsoft) so having the outlook app on your phone will keep you up to date on all things UCF. Classwork? Outlook. RA notifications? Outlook. UCF Campus alerts? OUTLOOK. If it weren’t for this app, so many UCF students would never check their emails. The other ways to check your knights email is through the UCF app, which will eventually take you to safari and onto outlook anyways so the simplest way to do that is just by being proactive and downloading the app.

In the modern age of technology, don’t waste all of the resources at your fingertips. Hopefully this article gave you some ideas on how to keep on top of your work, life, and … food options of course (all of these amazing apps are free also!) With no cost to you and all that you’ll gain, there’s no reason not to have these wonderful apps.


Jensen Analisa Murray

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