It seems like the classic move is to avoid 8ams at all costs, no matter what school you go to. If you like to sleep in, and who doesn’t, they’re pretty terrible. If you’re use to your earliest class starting at noon, having to set alarms to wake up every day is definitely a struggle. However, there are some perks to rising early.

PRO: You get class over with. 

This seems pretty obvious, but for some it’s a HUGE perk, especially if you hate having to disrupt you day and plan around class. This way you can just get up, do what you have to do, then have a huge block of time to schedule the rest of your day. When it comes to deciding between a class at 8:30am or 3:30pm, choose the 8:30 class. Then you will have an entire day, rather than if you took the later section, probably sleep until noon, do nothing until class, be done and only have the night to do everything else your day consists of.


CON: We know, it’s early. 

Sometimes you alarm goes off and you just can’t force yourself to get up, and you may wind up skipping a class. If you have a late night, you don’t get to sleep in and recover, and it’s really difficult to pull yourself out of bed. And no matter what anyone says, it doesn’t get any easier. You’ll probably be dreading the sound of your alarm every morning for the entire semester, but it’s just one of the tradeoffs you make.


PRO: It’s not a thousand degrees out… yet. 

Being in Florida, the majority of the time you’re at school, it’s going to be insanely hot. UCF is a huge campus, and walking to class will definitely cause you to sweat ungodly amounts, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. The good thing about having early classes is that it hasn’t risen to the average temperature of 1000 degrees yet. You have a good chance of making it to class without a single sweat stain on you, and that’s something you definitely need to take advantage of.


CON: The weather changes fast. 

While you might make it to class without sweating through your shirt, you probably won’t make it back that way. In transition “winter” months like November-February, it may be pretty brisk out in the morning. But be careful about opting for a sweatshirt, because you’ll definitely regret it on your way back. It may be 60 degrees when you go to class and 90 when you come back, which makes dressing for the day extremely difficult. My best advice would be t-shirts under everything, for it’s bound to be too hot for a long-sleeve anything come 11am. <no first person pronouns please>


PRO: Shorter lines, if you get there early. 

If you’re the type of person who needs a cup of coffee to get you through the day, definitely try and get to Starbucks before your first class. There’s virtually no line, for everyone is usually sleeping in until the last possible second. Same thing goes for food places: no one is there that early. However, if you miss making it before class and think it’ll be the same after class, you’re wrong. Prepare to wait at least 25 minutes at Starbucks, which is packed all day starting at about 9am.



CON: Your finals will be even earlier. 

Final exams are usually given a couple hours before your normal class time. So if you’re taking an early class, be prepared to get up even earlier for finals week. That definitely is a bad aspect, for it’s super important to get a good nights sleep and eat a healthy breakfast before taking an exam, and the time of your finals will make that virtually impossible. <please reword that sentence, maybe split it to two.>


There will always be people who are all for early classes and people who won’t get out of bed before 4pm. But if you find yourself somewhere in between, try out the early sections and see if you can handle it.


Jessica Hobday

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