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10 Hardest Courses at the University of Chicago

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Elizabeth Mathu

The University of Chicago is a private learning institution located in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded in 1890 and is among the highly ranked universities not only in the United States but also all over the world. The secret behind this success lies in the high-quality education offered by the university. Quality course offering is good for every institution that wants to stay at the top. Below are some of the hardest courses at the University of Chicago:

1. MENG 26020 - Engineering Electrodynamics

The sub cycle of quantum electrodynamics

To start with, this is a very hard course. Students cover topics in vector fields, electric machines, power equipment, etc. It is advanced and requires a very strong background. Students taking this course must have passed exemplary calculus, magnetostatics, and electrostatics.

2. PSYC 25750 - The Psychology and Neurobiology of Stress

Diagram showing the distress modelling spiral

Students are stressed and learning about stress and not being to handle theirs is equally stressful. This course tackles various stress mechanisms an how they apply in the social context. In addition, the notes are too much and overwhelming to read.

3. STAT 27725 - Machine Learning

Machine learning involves a wide range of topics seen in this chart

This course is a problem-centered intro to machine learning. Topics covered include graphical models, Perceptron and Online Algorithms, and Boosting, among others. Students are required to handle very tough weekly assignments which make learning cumbersome.

4. BIOS 21207 - Cell Biology

picture of an animal cell labelled with different organelles

This course aims at teaching fundamental concepts in RNA processing and gene expression. Students need to acquire experimental approaches to this course because it's vast. There are many concepts to master, and that's where students fail. Additionally, there are numerous assignments to make the course even more boring.

5. BIOS 20242 - Principles of Physiology

The illustration of homeostasis in physiology

This course is a major for students majoring in health sciences. It focuses on animal psychological problems, the solution, and general reasoning. What makes this course difficult is the fact that students have to apply logic and reasoning- something many students don't fancy!

6. CHEM 26700 - Experimental Physical Chemistry

picture of chemical apparatus.

This course focuses on the study of physical chemical measurements. Students learn the design and manufacture of chemical apparatus, computerized lab instrumentation, optics, and vacuum techniques. It involves very many practical lessons and only a few pass the course.

7. NSCI 20130 - Systems Neurobiology

The illustration of brain function in neurobiology

If there is a course that medical don't want, it must be this one. The course focuses on both vertebrates and invertebrate systems. It relates to physiology and anatomy, and the passing rate is meager. Many students retake the course multiple times.

8. CMSC 23200 - Introduction to Computer Security

Picture of locks and protection privacy and security

Students without a strong IT and programming background tend to fail in this course terribly. Although it is a foundation for learning computer systems, it is so wide and requires lots of time to understand the various concepts of computer systems.

9. GEOS 13100 - Physical Geology

The internal structure of the earth.

If you didn't study Geography in high-school, you might be in the wrong place. It assumes you have a knowledge of geographical studies. Students learn about the geology cycle, plate tectonics, the scenery, and minerals and rocks.

10. MATH 20300 - Analysis of Real Numbers

The number system in mathematics.

This is a mandatory, rigorous course for mathematics majors. It is a very critical course, and the bar is set too high. Topics covered are such as the Heine-Borel and Bolzano Weierstrass models, mappings, compact sets, etc. Besides, the quantity of work to cover is too much for a short duration of one semester.

For a highly rated university like this, you shouldn't expect an easy life. As a matter of fact, the courses are harder than they sound on paper. Regardless, the smart and hardworking students still pass through the tides. students should, therefore, show high levels of commitment when pursuing these courses.


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