The University of Cincinnati offers a variety of unique courses that a lot of people may not know about. There are hundreds of options available to students, so there is definitely something for everybody. Below are nine of the most unique classes offered, along with a brief description of each. Hopefully in this list, you are able to find one that suits you!

1. German Fairytales (GRMN 2041)

Yep, you guessed it! This course is completely dedicated to studying some of the most fascinating German fairytales. Snow White, Hansel and Gretel and Rapunzel are just a few of the most popular German fairytales– this class is designed to help students learn more about the origins of the stories, and the importance behind them.

2. Harry Potter Philosophy Class (Flex Course) 

This is perhaps one of the most unique courses The University offers. It is a two week class that takes place on weekends. The goal for this class is to discuss not only the novel, but also the fictional world as a whole. In it, students are able to discuss why exactly humans are so drawn to the fantasy world.

Students are able to use this novel as a basis for philosophy surrounding the subject, making it a lot easier to understand since they enjoy the novel so much. Upon introducing this class as an option, it was filled almost immediately, which comes as no surprise considering the novel’s extreme popularity.

3. Jammin’ With Laptops (Flex course)

This course just sounds fun! It is also exactly what it claims to be–jamming with your laptop! This is an online class that studies the basic knowledge of music making, and allows students to record and listen to a variety of different instruments through their laptops. In the second half of this course, students are given the unique opportunity to form laptop bands with other online course members to create great music.

4. Introduction to Russian Literature and Culture (RUSS 2081)

This course would be best suited for any student interested in Russian society.

It is quite an intense course as Russia has a very long history, but it would be extremely intriguing for anyone seeking more knowledge about the country. Not a lot of Universities offer Russian language courses, let alone courses about Russian society and literature, so this is a very unique option.

5. Ethics and Animals (15PHIL324)

Are you passionate about animals? This course is perfect for you! It is all about human obligations towards animals and how to act in a coherent way with regards to such an important subject. In this course, students will be able to channel their passion for these creatures and express their morals and judgements on the issue of animal cruelty. For anyone wishing to promote a more animal-friendly society, this course is highly suggested.

6. The Music of The Beatles (Flex course)

Just by the title, you are probably wondering how such an awesome course exists. Basically, The University’s music program recognized the strong impact of The Beatles on the music industry, and wanted to create a course that students could have fun in and study some fantastic music. In this class, students will listen to a variety of songs by the band, as well as discuss the themes behind them. They will dive head first into why this popular band had such a huge impact on music as we know it.


7. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies – 15WMST460

This is a unique course that is not available at most universities. In it, students will dive into serious issues faced by the LGBTQ community, as well as theories that help us analyze them. This course had quite a number of people interested in it from the moment it was created, and has helped a lot of students struggling with their sexuality feel more at home and more accepted at The University.

8. Beauty: Dissecting and Debating an Enigma – 15ENGL117

Designed for males and females, this class discusses the way beauty is represented in movies and books in today’s world. The objective of this course is for students to discuss the significance of beauty and what the supposed determining factors are. They will be able to look at this idea from a critical point of view, and learn more about what society says about the matter, as well as what science says. They will then be able to decide whether beauty is subjective and culturally decided, or objective and biologically decided.

9. Introduction to Makeup – THPR 1000C

An entire course dedicated to makeup? That’s right!

This class is offered for everyone and has one goal– to teach you the basics of makeup. If you are someone who is interested in learning about the fundamentals such as corrective makeup, age makeup, etc. this might be perfect for you. Students who take this class will gain knowledge using a variety of different techniques, and will be able to do makeup at at least an intermediate level.

After reading about all of those options, surely there was one that sparked your interest. Hopefully now you have a little bit more insight about what The University of Cincinnati has to offer.

Lauren Jankowski

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