Most college campuses are filled with delicious places to eat. Whether it is two in the afternoon or two in the morning, college campuses are known for having tons of restaurants open all the time. The University of Cincinnati is no different; there are so many great bites to eat on the nearby city streets, most of which accept your student ID as a form of payment.

1. Mr. Sushi

This is probably the most popular sushi restaurant on campus. It is a small sushi restaurant that sits right on West McMillan street; the great thing about it is that their sushi is half priced after four. This brings in a lot of students as you can probably imagine, and it is very convenient because they do not only accept credit cards but also your bearcat card. (Student ID)

2. Cane’s

This is no doubt one of the most crowded restaurants you will ever enter. Cane’s is located on Calhoun street in the U-square, and is home to every student’s favorite fried chicken. They also accept bearcat card, and their prices are pretty reasonable; it is a great choice for anyone looking for a quick and easy meal that tastes delicious.

3. Bibibop

This restaurant is like an asian-style chipotle and is located on Calhoun street right across from the Target. It is definitely one of the campus’s hot spots at dinner time and the line can get pretty long. However, it is worth the wait– the food is great and they offer free miso soup! Yes, you heard correctly; there is always a fresh pot of miso soup waiting for you right next to the soft drink machine.

4. Panera Bread

This should sound pretty familiar as it is one of the most popular restaurants no matter where you go. It is located on Calhoun street and now does delivery, so if you are a student you can conveniently get it delivered to your room for just $3! A lot of students love it here as it offers plenty of seating and areas not only to eat but also to study and catch up with friends. Grab a bowl of soup or a sandwich and get to work!

5. Adriatico’s

Mmm… did someone say pizza? This is the most popular restaurant for it on campus! Located on West McMillan street, this is often times one of the most crowded places to be. If you love New York style pizza, you should definitely give this restaurant a shot– you won’t be sorry!


Are you hungry yet? Hopefully now you are eager to check out some of these amazing restaurants– It’s time to feast!


Lauren Jankowski

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