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Have you ever wondered what the prestigious Cincinnati Conservatory of Music is all about? There is a lot that people do not know about it, and it is far t0o great of a school to not be talked about. Here are six fun facts about the conservatory that you may not have known- enjoy!

1. They Don’t Just Offer Classical Music

A lot of people seem to think that a conservatory would only offer classical, old school music programs but that is not true. This school actually has multiple degree programs that are quite the opposite; for example, commercial music production. This is a program all about contemporary, popular music- it has nothing to do with classical music! They even have a lighting design major and an electronic media major to ensure that there are definitely options out there for every type of musician.

2. Some Programs Have Higher Acceptance Rates Than Others

Yes, it is true that this is a prestigious school; however, this should not stop you from auditioning and trying out. You might be scared because you have heard about the musical theatre and vocal performance programs and how hard they are to get into. While that might be true, the school offers so many other programs that accept more people and if you love music, there is bound to be one fit for you. Some of the harder programs only accept five percent but others, such as the commercial music program, accept a lot more.

3. It Just Turned 150 Years Old

This school has been around for quite some time and recently they just celebrated their 150th birthday. This school is no doubt one of the reasons Cincinnati has the amazing music scene it does, so it’s anniversary was a big deal. The conservatory threw a picnic for their students to attend that had a bunch of free food and live music; they acknowledged hundreds of alumni that have impacted the world with their music and they thanked everyone who has contributed to the school in any way.

4. It Is the #6 School For Music In The Country

In recent years, U.S News and World Report ranked CCM as the sixth best music program at a university in the country. This is a pretty huge deal to be in the top ten along with amazing schools such as Julliard and The Jacobs School of Music. As you can imagine, the students and faculty work very hard to maintain this position, and everyone who is apart of the school loves music with everything in them.

Hopefully you learned something new about this amazing music school through reading more about it. If you are eager to learn more you can head directly to their website at www. and find tons of other information.



Lauren Jankowski

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