Finals week is here! Need a place to study? It is no secret that for most students, their dorm room isn’t an option. Efficient studying requires a quiet environment where you can focus and not be distracted by other people or noises. Luckily, The University of Cincinnati has many great locations on campus you can go to that are quiet and perfect for studying-so grab your book bag and head out the door.

1. Starbucks

This is a pretty common place to study, but the great thing about it is that the University has four different locations on campus. There is one in the Music Conservatory, one in the main library, one in the square on Calhoun street and one by the recreation center. They of course have their busy hours as any Starbucks would, but nonetheless the soothing music and comfortable seating are perfect for studying. Grab a coffee, find a seat and get to work.


2. Langsam Library

This is also a pretty common place to study but for very good reason. This library is huge and has tons of places to sit and study, whether you want to be secluded or in a group. They also have more than 20 Mac desktop stations where students can sit at if their work requires a computer. This is very convenient for anyone who does not have a laptop. This is the main library on campus so they are usually open. The hours stated online vary but sometimes they are open 24 hours.

3. McMicken Common Area

Walking around campus, you will find there are lots of common areas you can hang out in or study in. Right behind the McMicken english building there is a huge open space with benches and grass that is usually filled with students, especially when the weather is nice. It is usually pretty quiet as kids are just walking to and from class and it is a great option as you are getting fresh air and vitamin D.

4. Tangeman University Center

Everyone at The University should be very familiar with this building as orientation is held here. It is one of the bigger buildings on campus with tons of areas to study. The basement is a giant food court with different fast food restaurants and because of the large amount of tables and chairs, students are often times found studying here. Directly above the food court is another area to study, as there are a plethora of couches and comfortable chairs with windows overlooking campus.

5. The Carl Blegen Library

This is also known as the Music Conservatory’s library and is a little bit smaller than the main one. It has a really great location for students who live in Stratford Heights or anywhere on that side of campus. This library is usually even quieter than Langsam and does not have as many people in it. It is a little bit more hidden but it can be found on the same street as McMicken, beautifully surrounded by trees.

6. Mary Emery Hall

If you are in The Conservatory of Music, this is the main building you have classes in. It is located in the CCM circle next to Memorial Hall and is perfect for studying. It is a very quiet environment with benches and chairs everywhere and sometimes you will be able to hear faint sounds of singing or violin playing which can be very soothing. The inside is very modern looking which sets it apart and the large amount of windows let in a lot of light, making studying inside more enjoyable.


As you can tell, the University of Cincinnati has many great places to study. If you feel trapped in your dorm all the time and are unable to study there, try getting out and going to one of these six places.

Lauren Jankowski

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