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Before coming to college, a lot of local students are unsure where to live. They worry they might feel homesick living in a dorm or that they will get lonely living all by themselves. Well, hopefully after you read this article, you will be a bit more encouraged. You see, living on campus is great – especially at the University of Cincinnati – and here is why:

1. You are close to everything

This campus is set up very uniquely; it is located right by Calhoun Street, which is home to all kinds of shops and restaurants. This means that whenever you are feeling sick of school and need to get out, there is a perfect place filled with activities only a five minute walk away. Especially on weekends, the city streets are filled with students out and about having a good time.

2. You meet lots of new people

Living in a dorm with a roommate may seem intimidating but it actually has a lot of hidden perks. For example, you just might become really good friends with the other person, and through them you can make even more friends. You will get to know other people living in your hall or your apartment and you will be able to participate in community events and activities. You will have a lot more opportunities, even outside of your dorm, to meet and hang out with people. Living in close walking distance to everyone else has its perks.

3. You won’t need a car

No more worrying about how busy the roads will be or if you need to allow extra time to get to class. If you live on campus, you get to walk to class, and once you know how long it takes to get places, you will always be on time. All of the dorms on campus are in great locations and if you use the university map, it will be really easy to find the one closest to your buildings for your classes. Aside from classes, there really is no need for a car in general, as everything you could ever need is located within walking distance. There is a pharmacy, grocery stores, clothing shops, restaurants, etc., and many students do here just fine without cars.

4. There are tons of places to study

Sometimes, you just need to get out to study more efficiently, and living on campus, your options are endless. A lot of people seem to think living on campus means loud noises and people everywhere, but this is not always the case. Whether you enjoy studying in the library or outside, there are tons of places available. A lot of kids enjoy going to the main library as it is very open and spacious, but others prefer to study outside while getting fresh air. No matter what you choose, there will certainly be a quiet place for you to get your study on.

5. You feel very independent

For a lot of kids, this is a huge deal. Whether you have fantastic parents or not so great ones, living at home can often times cause tension, since you want independence and freedom. College is a great time to get out and have that freedom in a unique way because you are surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands of kids in the exact same boat. It is not as lonely as you might think – being in a new environment surrounded by new people is exciting!

If you are considering living on campus, I highly suggest checking out the University of Cincinnati‘s dorm options on their website. You can click here to find all of the options as well as the prices. Happy hunting!


Lauren Jankowski

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