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Are you wondering whether or not you need to purchase a vehicle? That is a huge step for any teenager, and why go through all the hassle if you don’t even need it? Below are ten reasons you may not need a car after all.

1. Everything you need is close by

The great thing about this campus is the location; it is right in the heart of downtown Clifton and is surrounded by shops and restaurants. There are multiple grocery stores as well as over fifty restaurants and shops all within one mile walking distance! Anything you would ever need is right there, so why bother paying thousands for a car?

2. You’ll save hundreds

Parking passes are crazy expensive no matter what school you go to, so if you can avoid buying one, you will be much better off. Living on campus is great for that reason; even if the dorms are expensive, you’re saving so much money simply by not buying a car. You won’t have to buy a pass, or gas, or street parking or anything- who wouldn’t want to save all that money, right?


3. It promotes a more social, connected lifestyle

Believe it or not, going without a car actually has benefits to your college experience. Especially if you are a freshman, not having a vehicle will force you to stay on campus more often and really engage in the college lifestyle. You will spend more time participating in university activities like football games and music concerts, and you will truly feel so much more independent.


4. Zipcars are available

Ever heard of a zipcar? Basically, it is a university vehicle that students are able to rent out and use when they need to. There is a fee that varies depending on how long you use it and where you are going, but if you are someone who only needs a car once in a while this is a great option. You might be spending a little money on occasion, but it does not even come close to the amount you are saving by not having a vehicle of your own on campus. You can find out more information about this awesome opportunity at

5. It reduces your stress level

Driving is known to cause a lot of people stress, especially when you live in a city like Cincinnati–traffic is bad and there are college kids everywhere– it is a nightmare. If you don’t bring a car to school you never have to worry about this! You are guaranteed to have some friends with cars on campus that will be willing to drive you around on occasion.



A lot of people might be worried about not having a car on campus, but rest assured it is actually better than you think. The University of Cincinnati is an ideal campus for walking as everything you could ever need is just a short walk away.


Lauren Jankowski

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