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At every university there are different kinds of professors; some are laid back, some are super strict and others are somewhere in between. At this University it is no different- here are the five kinds of professors you will find.

1. The ‘I don’t really care about this class’ type

A lot of people seem to think in college the professors are really laid back and care-free – this can be true in some cases. If you take a class that seems a bit pointless or minuscule, most likely the professor will feel that way as well. Often times professors of general education courses feel this way; these are classes like freshman english and calculus. They just want you to get in and get out and they don’t care how you do it.

2. The one that wants to be your friend

If you’re lucky you just might end up with a really great professor who wants to be your friend. Usually these professors teach elective courses that are fun or sometimes they are teaching the more major directed courses. It is really beneficial to have this kind of teacher because they can be a role model for you and they can be a great assistance in passing the class. If your professor isn’t friendly or sociable it can be hard to connect and get the help you need.

3. The ‘my class is your only class’ type

Yep, we have all been there. This type of teacher doesn’t really care about your schedule or your other classes- they give a heavy work load and they are not lenient with rules and policies. They will most likely be strict about attendance and being late and they will expect you to spend a lot of time outside the classroom on their assignments. You will know from day one if this is the kind of professor you have; if it is, buckle in and get ready to do some hard work.

4. The super opinionated, argumentative type

These professors can be a bit annoying- constantly feeding you their thoughts and opinions, never really asking for yours. They are easily angered and will often times get into an argument with students who have different opinions than them. This usually stems from a very strong passion about a particular subject, and sometimes the professor will get heated without meaning to.

5. The one who always cancels class

Students usually love this type-the professors that never show up or cancel class every other session. This can be a bit stressful when it’s a harder class that requires teaching assistance, but if it is an easy course or even an early morning course, this is usually a huge blessing. If you have a professor like this, you should get in the habit of checking your email and your school’s website before going to class to make sure it is still happening.


You’ll find out pretty early on in the semester what kind of professors you have and surely they will be one of the five listed above.


Lauren Jankowski

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