Living on campus can be pretty lonely and usually students are in need of fun things to do. If you live on campus at the University of Cincinnati you are in luck because there is so much to do even just within walking distance!

1. Go to a football game

Obviously you can’t do this year round, but when you can you definitely should. Fall football games are so much fun and it’s a great way to get some fresh air and meet new people. Paint some red and black stripes on your face, throw on your spirit wear and head to the stands!


2. Hang out with people

Text a friend, start a study group, go out to eat, join a bible study, etc. etc. The list of things you can do to hang out with people and make new friends is endless! Especially being at a larger school like this one, there are thousands of kids just like you who are looking for fun things to do.


3. Grab a bite

Are you hungry? Good thing there are hundreds of food places nearby. Whether you want sushi, pasta, salad or Mexican, there is a restaurant out there for you. Calhoun street and the ones parallel to it are filled with great restaurants- some even deliver. Say you’re having a night in to really study hard for an exam- you can dial up the nearest sushi or pizza place and have delicious food in no time.


4. Join an intramural sports team

You’ve probably heard of this before. Intramural sports teams are a great way to get active and meet new people without the pressure that intense college sport teams bring. This university in particular offers an intramural basketball team, a volleyball team, or whatever sport you want- you can start a team for anything.


5. Go shopping

Calhoun street has some amazing shops on it; Urban Outfitters, Foot Locker, Rue 21, Gamestop, etc. so there is no doubt shopping is a common weekend activity for people. Most of the stores on campus even take bearcat cards which is your student id that you can load money on. Grab your wallet and a friend and head out the door!


6. Explore campus

The University of Cincinnati is huge and there is so much to see. Most likely, all of your classes fall in one area or on one side, so it is a great idea to get out and explore the unseen areas. If you are a medical student or an engineering student, try finding your way into the music buildings- they are super cool. Knowing your way around campus will help you a lot in your future years, and it’s also fun just to walk around in your free time.


7. Exercise

Most universities have a recreation center where you can work out or swim-this one is no different. Located right by CenterCourt dining hall, this center has tons of workout equipment and a pretty large swimming pool. So, if you enjoy working out or are looking to try something new, you should definitely hit this place up.


8. Organize your room

During the chaos of the school week, it is pretty easy to lose track of your room’s neatness. Clothes start appearing everywhere, there is food on the floor and the mirrors get dirty- this is a classic freshman dorm. The weekend is a great time for you to organize and clean up a bit- your roommate will be thrilled. Also, a clean, organized environment promotes a much better, more efficient lifestyle.


Hopefully now you have ideas of what you can do on the weekends living on campus! No more hiding out in your room or feeling lonely- there is plenty to do. Try something new next semester and push yourself to get out of your comfort zone.


Lauren Jankowski

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