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If you are a fellow musician, you probably know how hard it is to find the perfect school for you. There are hundreds of options ranging from online schools to prestigious conservatories and it can tend to be pretty intimidating. The Cincinnati Conservatory of Music is an incredible school that you should definitely consider, and here is why.

1.  Wide variety of programs

Most conservatories only offer a few basic, classical style majors. This conservatory is a great choice because it does offer those things, but it also branches out into other areas of music. There are unique programs offered here in electronic media as well as commercial music production- this a very rare program for a music school to have. They also offer degrees in stage makeup and lighting design which is pretty neat.


2. Mainly major directed classes

The great thing about the programs here is that your schedule is mostly consistent of major courses. Even as a freshman, there are only one or two more generic classes you have to take. This is great because it allows for school to actually be fun and a place where the students are excited to go learn. For example, if you decide to pursue a degree in commercial music production, your freshman classes will consist of production, theory, piano and much more.


3. You will obtain a well rounded knowledge

Music is a very broad subject with many subcategories. Whether you are a voice student, an acting student or even a electronic media student, this school makes sure you know your stuff. They require every freshman to take 8A.M. theory, and although this may sound a little bit daunting, it is rather helpful to know these skills. Even if it does not pertain directly to what you want to do in the future, it is nice to have that knowledge under your belt.


4. Motivating, encouraging environment

A huge part of your college experience is dependent on the environment you are in. It is always nice to have large classrooms and friendly professors, at this conservatory that is exactly what you get. The main music building Mary Emery Hall is extremely spacious and innovative with lots of chairs and benches and plenty of sunlight coming in through the windows. The professors are all extremely talented musicians who really want to see you succeed. Going to school shouldn’t be this fun-but it is!


So… are you intrigued yet? You should be! This conservatory is such a great place and with it’s wide variety of programs, there is bound to be something out there for you.



Lauren Jankowski

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