The University of Cincinnati’s orientation takes place over two days. It is run by Student Leaders who have tons of school spirit and they are able to teach you a lot about the school. It seems that a lot of incoming freshman are scared about attending college orientation, so hopefully this list will help.

1. Lots of small group activity

After the first couple hours of hearing staff members speak, you will be divided up into small groups. This will happen multiple times over the course of the two day orientation so be prepared for lots of talking and games. The student leaders run the conversation and they make it really fun so don’t worry about it being awkward.

2. School spirit overload

As you walk in, you will find a tunnel of student leaders holding out their arms cheering for you. It is a little intimidating at first but after a few hours you will be used to the high energy. School spirit is huge at UC – go bearcats!

3. A lot of listening

This seems to be the case at most college orientations. The president stands up and speaks for a while and then all the other important staff members follow. It is kind of an annoying process to sit through, but taking notes and trying to engage helps it go by faster.

4. A lot of talking

People want to get to know you! You will be asked your name and your major about a hundred times but people will also ask you about your life and your interests. This orientation isn’t just for you to learn about the school – the school wants to learn about you!

5. Meet new friends

 When you are placed in small groups, you should take full advantage of it. Use this time to get to know other people and learn about them. This is really good for students who don’t know anyone as it gives them a chance to feel more at home and meet potential friends or classmates before the semester starts.
Orientation can be a bit daunting for some people, but once you get through it you will look back on it fondly. A lot of people make their first college friends here and they really start to feel at home!


Lauren Jankowski

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