When you go to college, a huge part of it is the experience of living there. This can be scary for some people as it’s a new environment with lots of people, but below is a list of five reasons why it’s so great at this school. Hopefully this reassures you.

1. You meet new people

Living on campus means you are always there – and so is everyone else. You are all in the exact same boat with the exact same nervous feelings, and because of that you will become friends very quickly. A simple thing you can do is just leave your door open and that way people will know to stop by and say hello. The typical freshman dorms here are Calhoun and Siddall, which are very ideal for anyone looking to be social.

2. You are close to everything

This should come as no surprise; when you live on campus, you are a lot closer to your classes. You are able to walk instead of drive, therefore there’s no need to account for traffic- simply get dressed and head to class. Even things like restaurants and shops are within walking distance on the main city street which makes living in the dorm a bit more enjoyable.

3. You have access to meal plans

If you’re living on campus, you are given the option of purchasing a meal plan. This is great for students who have a lot of classes and need to stop at the dining hall to grab food here and there. It’s also a great place to hang out with friends- grab a bite to eat or just go for dessert! Marketpointe is a really great dining hall connected to Siddall Hall.



4. You get the true college experience

Living a dorm, sharing a roommate, staying up late, sprinting to class- that is the true college lifestyle. You’re on your own but still in school; it is a great transition period from high school to your out of college career life. College is so much different than high school and a lot of people like it a lot more simply because of the experience they get living on campus.

5. You feel more independent

Living at home can be annoying at times. You fight with your parents, you have a curfew, you have to do chores and commute to school. When you live in a dorm or an apartment, you have a lot more freedom to do the things you want. You will feel very independent and start to gain real life skills that will help you in your future when you’re out of school. Especially since this is a city campus, you truly feel like you are apart of the exciting, fast paced environment.
Overall, living on campus at UC is such a great option. You will truly get the full college experience and you will make so many amazing friends. While it can be expensive, if you can afford it there is no doubt you will thank yourself later. There are so many great opportunities available to you and you will feel a lot more independent.


Lauren Jankowski

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