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Most colleges don’t have dress codes which means students are able to wear whatever they want. At this University, it is the same way; walking across campus you will see thousands of students all dressed differently. Below are 5 of the most common outfits you will see people wearing.

1. The “Athleisure” look

“Athleisure” is a huge trend going on right now – it is the combination of athletic clothes and leisure clothes. Basically, it gives a healthy, fit appearance which a lot of people like. These types of outfits include athletic leggings, running shoes, windbreakers, etc. Anywhere you walk on campus you will surely see someone dressed this way.

2. Business suits

A lot of the business students have to wear suits on certain days for presentations, etc. so you will surely see some people rather dressed up on occasion. It may look a little fancy if you are new to the school, but you will find it to be pretty common. Especially if you are near the business or law buildings, you will spot a few suits.

3. Pajamas

Yep, that’s right. Mondays are usually pretty rough on campus and you will see a lot of students in their pajamas. This may be leggings and a t shirt for some and for others it is plaid comfy pants and slippers. This seems to be pretty typical for most college students; at some point in the four years everyone will reach this point.

4. UC spirit wear

UC students sure know how to showcase their school pride. This may seem weird to incoming freshman to walk around campus in your school gear, but it’s actually pretty trendy. Everywhere you go you will most likely see a red t-shirt or a UC baseball cap in the distance – Go Bearcats!

5. Designer clothes

UC is home to a lot of international students and many of them wear designer clothes. In America, these things tend to be very expensive but in other countries they are cheaper. Also, a lot of these international students are very wealthy and in their countries, wearing these fancy designer brand clothes is the trend.


Well, those were the top five outfits you’ll see around here. From pajamas to business suits, there is quite a variety. UC is a pretty big school with lots of students, but usually all of their outfits fall somewhere under these categories. Which best suits your style?


Lauren Jankowski

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