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The University of Cincinnati is a huge school, consisting of over 40,000 students. This means there are tons of different people wandering around campus, most of which can be grouped into one of the following categories.

1. Super smart, super focused

These kids are often found in the library studying or locked away in their dorms. A lot of them are on scholarships so they need to maintain a certain GPA, while others simply care a lot about academics. These aren’t really the type of people who go out on Fridays or do crazy things, but they are some of the kindest people you will meet.

2. Sporty and on the go

This is more of a high school term, but some people refer to these kids as “jocks”. They are almost always sporting UC gear or their football jerseys, and are found anywhere near the recreation center or the fields. They are usually pretty busy with practice and games so you might not see them around a whole lot.

3. Business meeting ready

The Linder college of business is pretty big at UC. A lot of students take classes here and on certain days they have to wear suits and business clothes for presentations. These students are very smart, very driven people who usually have a lot on their plate. You will see them around a lot because there are so many of them.

4. Musicians

The Cincinnati Conservatory of Music is a huge deal; it is the number six music school in the country and gives UC a lot of recognition. It’s a smaller college at the school with only 1,500 or so kids. They will all be found in the CCM plaza for the most part since they are extremely busy. When you do pass them on campus, they will probably be holding some sort of instrument in a case–  you know a music kid when you see one.

5. Care free, easy going

These students are usually the ones who show up to class in their pajamas. A lot of them are undecided majors and thrive more in the social aspect of college. They are all super wonderful and relaxed people to hang around and you can find them pretty much anywhere on campus. These kids are probably the most fun to be around as they are usually pretty stress free and don’t focus too much on school.

6. The engineers

You will see these sweatshirts everywhere. “We engineer better” is UC’s engineering program slogan and they have it printed on sweatshirts for all the students to wear. Anywhere you go on campus you will surely see tons of these as the program is huge and has so many kids. They are super smart!


Those are the main six types of students at UC– almost everyone falls under one of them! Smart, care free, professional, you name it and UC has it.  With over 40,000 students there is just so many different types of people. Which would you be considered?



Lauren Jankowski

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