Most likely, everyone reading this has heard of the dreaded “freshman 15”- the supposed weight you gain during your first year at college. If you’re going to UC next Fall or are already here and are looking for ways to stay healthy and in shape, this list is for you. Below are five fantastic ways you can easily stay active on this campus.

1. Walk everywhere

Walking is one of the easiest ways to maintain health, and since UC has such a big campus, this is pretty easy. Every student has to walk to class, whether it be five times a day or once a day. Sometimes it can be tempting to catch the shuttle or grab a ride with a friend but the reality is, walking is the best option. Especially since UC is set on a hilly campus, there is a lot of intense walking up and down which may burn a little but will ultimately help you in the end. A lot of colleges are set on flat land but this school is unique and since everyone has to go to class anyway, why not use the opportunity to get in a little workout?

2. Work out at the Campus Recreation Center

UC‘s recreation center has won many awards for having such great equipment and programs. They have a huge variety of programs for all different types of people so there really is a fun, easy way to stay in shape for everyone. So, if running on the treadmill and lifting weights isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other ways to get a workout in. You can try a yoga class or a boxing class- they have beginner level courses as well as advanced.

3. Run with a view

UC has a gorgeous campus with tons of beautiful city views- why not take advantage of that? It’s the perfect incentive to put your running shoes on. Stratford Heights is a great place to run on campus as it’s a safe, neighborhood-like environment that usually isn’t too crowded. Or, if you enjoy a more booming, populated atmosphere, a lot of kids run on the city streets with their headphones in. The benefit of having such a huge campus is there is a lot of space to do this – whether you want to run in peace by yourself or down a busy street, you have endless options.

4. Go swimming

Not every school has a swimming pool- or if they do, it surely isn’t as huge as the one at UC. What’s even more unique about this is that they allow everyone to use the pool, even if you’re not on the team. Swimming is such a great full body workout and it doesn’t have to be strenuous! A lot of times it just feels like you’re having fun. Grab a couple friends and head over there – you’ll be surprised at how good you feel afterwards.

5. Ditch the elevator, take the stairs

UC has some pretty tall dorm and apartment buildings. If you live on one of the higher floors, you can use that as an opportunity to get a workout in and use the stairs! If you’re on the twentieth floor this may get exhausting after a while but you can make it a goal to take them at least a couple times a week. Also, UC has a bunch of really old buildings like McMicken and Old Chem that don’t even have elevators- no option there, so staying active is inevitable.

As you can see, there are many great ways you can stay active on UC‘s campus. No more worrying about the freshman fifteen – if you follow these tips and use the opportunities you’re given as a student here, you will be just fine. Staying active doesn’t have to be scary or difficult, it can be fun and enjoyable! Grab a few friends and get moving. You’ll feel a lot less stressed and a lot more motivated.


Lauren Jankowski

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