The Cincinnati Conservatory of Music is one of the top music schools in the country and it has a pretty cool history. It’s been around for quite some time and a lot has changed since it first began. From a small building off campus to a huge plaza of buildings attached to the University, the Conservatory has truly come a long way. Below is a list of five fun facts about this conservatory that you probably didn’t know.

1. It’s been around for 150 years

This past fall, the school celebrated it’s 150 year anniversary with a giant picnic for all the students and faculty to attend. There was lots of music and a big concert that everyone participated in. 150 years is a huge deal and a lot of music schools don’t make it that long or stay this successful. However, CCM is still holding it’s place in the top ten conservatories in the world which is a pretty big deal.


2. The University and the Conservatory used to be separate

When the conservatory was first founded, it was not a part of The University of Cincinnati. In fact, the directors did not want it to and they wanted it to be kept separate. It was not until August of 1955 that the college and the conservatory merged into one, which was an extremely unique situation as most conservatories stand alone and aren’t attached to a university. It then claimed its name of the “Cincinnati College- Conservatory of Music” and ever since the merge, both the college and the conservatory have benefited greatly.


3. They just added commercial music five years ago

This conservatory used to be just like most others, as it only offered degrees in classical music. It is now a place of great variety and it has both classic and commercial programs. However, it wasn’t until recent years that this happened; the first graduating class of the Commercial Music Production program was just this past year in 2017. The music school has been gaining a lot more recognition since this major was introduced.


4. They were one of the first music schools to introduce radio broadcasting

In 1946 the radio broadcasting major was introduced to CCM and it changed things drastically for the conservatory. It was now being seen less classical and more modern and was able to reach more people across the country. Students could use this as a platform to sing and perform and in 1950 when the department was finalized, they started to benefit even more. Students were hosting their own shows and getting real life experience being on air.


5. It took a $93 million dollar renovation to achieve its look today

The Conservatory started out in one small building that looked very old- it is now a huge plaza area with multiple buildings which all look extremely modern. Back in 1967, after their initial $5 million dollar renovation, they thought they were done- but of course times change and looks are more important now than ever. This music school has won awards and gained a lot of recognition for it’s aesthetic appeal and modern touches.


Well- did you know all of that? The crazy thing is there is even more that could have been mentioned. This music school is a very unique, thriving place that is constantly changing. If it kept it’s prestige over the last 150 years, it will surely maintain it for a lot longer. Check out CCM’s website for more information on this amazing place.


Lauren Jankowski

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