The Cincinnati Conservatory of Music is the second best musical theatre school in the world. Students come from all over the world to audition for this program and hope for a spot – it’s the dream for any aspiring musician. If you are curious about what exactly these musical theatre majors do here, just keep reading. Below is a list of five things they have to do in their weekly routines.

1. Take voice lessons

As you can imagine, this career requires a great amount of vocal training. It’s not like acting which requires no musical ability- this is musical theatre- so you need to have a darn good voice. The teachers at this conservatory help the students immensely, training them in lessons once or twice a week, depending on their availability. In these lessons the students will practice any songs they have to perform in musicals as well as learn helpful techniques for breathing and singing for large audiences.

2. Take dance classes

Musical theatre majors need to know how to dance, as it is a huge part of the amazing shows they put on. There is a dance component required when auditioning for this program, but a lot of students need help with it or need to improve a little – that’s what these classes are for. DNCE 1002 is a popular course for these majors to take- it is a musical theater ballet course. DNCE 3072 is also a common one as it is all about choreography which is certainly a huge part of the shows they put on here.

3. Travel

A lot of these students perform in shows that travel the world- especially in the summers. Whether it’s with CCM or through an internship, the students are always participating in shows and performances. Sometimes the best students will have to take time off school to travel and perform in shows. Especially for those trying to end up on broadway, this school gives them so many great connections and opportunities to perform for people who might potentially recruit them for parts.

4. Take acting classes

This one should be expected as these majors certainly need to know how to act. These classes are designed to improve them and help them reach their full potential. MUST 1012 is the first acting class they take which is all about the basics and it makes sure they are solid actors ready to truly succeed. CCM is a really great school to learn acting at, as all of the professors are extremely talented and experienced individuals. Students who participate in these classes learn something new about acting every single day.

5. Learn about vocal health

This is a course which is rather unique to CCM. A lot of schools may talk about this briefly, but they don’t make their students take a course on it. CCM, however, has seminars all the time talking about this and they require all of the musical theatre majors to take MUST 6051, which is a vocal health and wellness course. This ultimately shapes their career and allows them to do what they love for longer. When you know how to sing properly and not overwork yourself, you have so much more potential and that is what CCM wants to teach these aspiring musicians.

This program is pretty intense as you can see. CCM offers a lot of benefits to those seriously wanting to pursue musical theater, as it really does give you a well-rounded education. They focus not only on the musical and dance aspects, but also the vocal health side of things, which is extremely important. Hopefully now you have a bit better of an understanding on the program! If you are considering auditioning, check out CCM’s website for more information.


Lauren Jankowski

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