When it comes to choosing a college, there can be a lot of questions. It is a drastically different experience compared to high school and this intimidates a lot of people. Maybe you’re interested in UC but haven’t ever been here before, or maybe you have but you still have unanswered questions. Either way, it is crucial to feel confident with your school choice, so below is a list of six common questions with their answers- hopefully this helps you. You don’t have to know everything right away, but knowing the basics helps a lot.

1. What is the atmosphere here like?

The atmosphere at UC is incredibly unique as it is a huge school filled with all sorts of different people. There are tons of people here from tons of different backgrounds- every race, every interest, every personality- there is a huge variety. This is great because it provides a more welcoming and friendly environment that everyone has a place in. It is a big campus, yes, but you can surely fit in just fine once you find a good group of friends.


2. What is CCM?

CCM is the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music which is UC’s music school. It’s pretty unique to have a conservatory attached to a university; they merged years ago and it has been extremely successful ever since. This is the #6 music school in the country which is a huge achievement and it really put UC on the map. CCM is really great because you don’t even have to be in the conservatory to take courses there- no matter what major you are, you can take some classes here. Music is such an important part of UC and everyone who goes here is fascinated by CCM.


3. What are the dorms like?

The dorms at UC are really, really nice. Even the classic, sky high freshman dorms are good options and they offer a huge benefit in terms of forming friendships. The other dorm options that are more apartment style are quite luxurious and offer students more independence; however, they do come with a bit of a higher price tag. Scioto and morgens are some of the best and are definitely worth checking out. However, if you’re an incoming freshman who just wants a good place to make friends and sleep then Siddall and Calhoun would be great for you- they are perfect for socializing.

4. Are the teachers nice?

Since UC is such a huge school, it is tough to answer this. Most of them are great, yes, especially at the more prestigious colleges like the music school and the engineering school. However, UC is a great school so the majority of your professors should be great as well. At every school you will find a few that you don’t really get along with, but usually there are multiple professors for the same course so you can always switch or drop the class all together.

5. Are the classes difficult?

Again, it depends on the classes you’re taking but overall, UC isn’t a super difficult school. The acceptance rate is rather high for a reason, so it isn’t as academically challenging as other schools. You can take advanced classes however, like advanced freshman english (ENGL 1012) which will definitely challenge you a bit more. There is no point in worrying about the workload or the course difficulty until you arrive and start classes. College is more work than high school, yes, but you can take less credit hours or take easier classes if you are really worried about it.

6. What are sports like at UC?

Sports here are fantastic- UC has such great pride when it comes to everything, so every game you attend will be flooded with students in red and black cheering. Their basketball team is doing exceptionally well this season, ranking in the top ten in the country, so it’s pretty competitive. However, UC’s other sports like football and lacrosse are not quite as competitive and are supposedly a lot of fun. College sports in general require more time and commitment than high school sports, but if you love it and you’re good at it, you should definitely give it a try- you might be pleasantly surprised.

Hopefully this Q&A helped you understand UC a bit better! There is so much to learn and so much to love about this school, it is impossible to say it all in such a short space, but if you just go on their website they have a lot more answers there. Coming to college is intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be- take a tour, get familiar with the campus- you’ll find your way eventually. Go bearcats!


Lauren Jankowski

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