The University of Cincinnati is a really great school and it has some pretty challenging classes. A lot of students who come from harder high schools enjoy this opportunity as they feel it pushes them a little more. Some people however, would prefer to steer clear of these courses. Every college has them though and UC is no different; below is a list of five of UC’s hardest classes.

1. Advanced Freshman Composition (ENGL 1012)

This class is definitely a challenge for most students. College level english is already harder than high school, so to take an advanced course is even more intimidating. The workload is heavy and there is no easy way to succeed- you just have to put in effort. There are a lot of essays involved as this class is primarily writing based. It is highly suggested that you go to your professor’s office hours and really make sure you connect with him/her. If you feel isolated or lost in the class this will help immensely.


2. Honors Music Theory (THRY 1052)

There is a level one and two of this course, so the course code above corresponds with the spring semester rotation. If you are unfamiliar with UC’s music school, you wouldn’t know that they require every freshman to take music theory. Basically, this course teaches you the advanced skills regarding composition and theory and it challenges students to apply it to real life contexts. This is an extremely difficult course for even the best music students, as freshman are so new to it all and can’t possibly know everything. Music theory is also just a difficult subject and taking the honors level is even more challenging.


3. Current Approaches and Issues in Biomedical Research (HNRS 2081)

As the course code suggests, this is an honors course. The subject itself is already very advanced and complex, so as imaginable, this is a pretty tough class. This class investigates how major areas of biomedical research are translated into healthcare and gives students the opportunities to tour labs to see how exactly this specific kind of research is conducted. Attendance is a crucial part of this class’s curriculum which makes it that much harder for students. This is a Monday evening course which is not desirable for everyone.

4. Organic Chemistry (CHEM2040)

If you are unfamiliar with this term, organic chemistry is the study of the chemistry of carbon compounds. This class is known to be one of the hardest classes at any college but has an especially harsh stigma at UC. Most students say this class is impossible to pass and they have to take it multiple times in order to succeed. However, if you want to pursue a career in that realm of things, this class is required and you have to find a way to pass it. Get a good professor, study a lot, and try your best.


5. Calculus II (MATH 1062)

This is known to be the hardest math class a lot of schools offer and UC is no different. Most students who just need a math credit don’t take this class but if it’s required for their major then obviously they have to. This class involves a huge time dedication from students both in and out of the classroom and the time slots are usually early morning. This makes it even harder for students as not many people like to wake up early- especially not for math class. However, if you are one of the select few that enjoy math, give it a shot.


UC has a lot of tough classes and it’s important to know what they are. The last thing you want is to wind up taking a course that is way more difficult than you expected. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dropping a class or switching into an easier one- so don’t fret if your schedule looks a little scary right now. However, everyone has to take a tough class at some point and the best things you can do is just try your hardest. Form a study group, put in the work and show up every day- you will reap the benefits.



Lauren Jankowski

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