The University of Cincinnati is a huge school that is very intimidating for a lot of students, especially incoming freshman. If you don’t have a car, finding your way around this large campus can seem scary, but don’t worry – UC has you covered. From shuttles to bikes, there are endless options. Below is a list of five ways UC students get around campus – without having a car of their own.

1. UC Shuttle Services

Not too many schools are big enough to need a shuttle service, but UC has you covered. Whether it’s a cold, snowy day or a boiling hot, sweaty day- you can hop in for a ride instead of having to walk. On their app, you can find schedules for all the different shuttles and see what one will be best for you. They have different routes and different times that run all throughout the day, so there will almost always be an option for you.

2. Rent a Bike

If you’ve ever been to UC, you’ve probably seen their bike renting stations- they have them everywhere. This is because they know the campus is big, and biking gets you places a lot quicker. The campus is pretty hilly so it’s hard to bike around it, but a lot of students use this opportunity to get around the city and other places nearby. The rates vary depending on how long you use the bike but all the information is on UC‘s website as well as on signs by the bike stations.

3. Night Ride

This is a really unique service UC offers through the school’s public safety department. It provides quick and safe transportation for students, staff and faculty within one mile of UC‘s campus. They have eleven different vans that run every night from 8pm to 5am. They have their own app that you can get by searching “UC Night Ride” in the apple store. This is a really cool thing that UC offers as it is not only quick and safe, but it is free.

4. Walk and Use the UC Map

Just because UC‘s campus is big, doesn’t mean it is not walkable. No matter the time of day, you will always see hundreds of kids walking from place to place, and if the weather isn’t bad, it really isn’t too terrible. On the UC app they have a convenient map of campus that is laid out very exact so you can easily find your way around. So if you have somewhere to be, grab a friend and get on your feet- you’ll get there quicker than you think.

5. Rent a ZipCar

This is a service a lot of colleges offer because they know most kids do not have a car. ZipCar is a company that allows students to rent vehicles to take places- whether it be a mile away or fifty miles away, you’re able to pay a fee and use it. There are of course a decent amount of rules and regulations with this and you can find them on UC‘s website but also on the ZipCar website. Gas and insurance are included in the price you pay upon membership as well as upon renting the vehicle.

As you can see, there are so many ways to get from here to there on UC‘s campus. From bikes to shuttles to walking, you will always have some way to get where you need to go. Whether it’s freezing cold outside or scorching hot, there’s no need to fret about how you’re going to get to class – UC has you covered. Check out their website for more information on any of the above transportation options. The UC app has a lot of helpful information as well!

Lauren Jankowski

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