If you go to the University of Cincinnati, or any college for that matter, it is crucial that you know what your resources are as a student- especially since most college kids are pretty much broke. At UC, there are a lot of resources offered that are convenient and extremely helpful- they’re also free. From printing to exercising, there is a lot of opportunities at your fingertips. Below is a list of five of the most helpful resources that students seem to be especially grateful for.

1. Printing

Yep, that’s right- UC offers 100 free prints for every student every semester. If you are an english major, this might not get you through all of your essays and papers, but for the majority of college students, this is a decent amount. This opportunity is not offered at every library or printing station, it has to be through Langsam Library; however, it is well worth the hike to get there, especially if you are printing off a lot of stuff. The school does have convenient print stations in almost all of the main buildings that you can use for a small fee if you don’t have time to get to Langsam. It is seven cents a page and you simply swipe your bearcat card.


2. Recreation Center Gym

Most schools have gyms in their recreation centers that students can use for free, but the cool thing about UC is that they just recently got a lot of new equipment and had a total renovation. The location is super convenient as it’s right in the heart of campus and the gym is pretty spacious which allows for many kids to work out at once. The rec center also offers classes like kick boxing, yoga and many more- some charge a fee but others do not. So, if you’re an incoming freshman dreading gaining the “freshman fifteen”, this might just lift your spirits.


3. Counseling

UC handles mental health with extreme care; they want their students to get all of the support they need to succeed. There is a lot of information on this on UC’s website, but basically there is two options- group or individual. If you are someone who enjoys interacting with other people and you are comfortable sharing and discussing in a group setting, you should try the group option; however, if you are someone who prefers more one on one help, opt for that choice. Both are great and the people who run the programs are very kind.


4. Tutoring

When it comes to tutoring, UC has a lot of different types. Their most popular is peer tutoring because it is easy, convenient and not at all intimidating for students. You simply go online, find a tutor for your desired subject, pick a day and time and the spot is yours. They offer tons of subjects from math to music to science, but be sure to sign up at the very beginning of each week as it does fill up fast! UC also offers free tutoring in Rhodes Hall, which is for mechanical engineering and math students mostly. This is a place you can just drop in with questions or stop by to get some help in between classes. UC also has a writing center in Langsam Library on the fourth floor where students are able to receive all sorts of help with english and writing.

5. Accessibility Resources

If you are unfamiliar with this program, it is basically a resource for any student suffering from a physical or mental disability. The cool thing about this resource that most students are unaware of is that they accept anxiety and depression as forms of disability and you are able to get special accommodations for them. This is completely free and it is a super easy process- you can stop by their office in the University Pavillion office to set up an appointment to have your interview with a staff member and then you will be given accommodations accordingly. Some of the most common ones include extra time on tests, more excused absences, and extended due dates. These resources can be truly life changing for kids with disabilities and since it is free, you really ought to take advantage of it.


As you can see, UC offers students so many free resources. From free tutoring to free printing, there are a lot of opportunities given to you that you would be a fool to not take advantage of. Especially as an incoming freshman, it is crucial that you know what is offered to you because it really can change your next four years. You can find the complete list of resources with a lot more information by going to the following link: www.uc.edu/distance/students/students.html.

Lauren Jankowski

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