Living off of a meal plan can be tough, especially when you haven’t cracked CU’s code for the dining halls. In the culture of paying with swipes, it’s as important to know where not to go as it is to know where to go.

Avoid At All Costs:

1.The C4C

At first, this place was great. From the Grill to the Burrito Bar to the Persian Station, and that one place always stocked with loads of mediocre pizza and pasta, the Center for Community was the place to go when you felt like carbo-loading for the hours of Netflix you were about to watch. But now midterm season is coming to a close, and the thought of walking past the pans of mystery-meat in the Asian Station seriously makes you queasy. Yeah, the C4C is the hub of dining halls, and the closest one for most CU freshman, but do yourself a favor and expand your campus-dining horizons.

2. The UMC

Sure, this place has some bomb paninis, but is it worth waiting in line for 30 minutes? On the rare occasion, yes. But most of the time you just want your 1 entrée and 2 sides in a timely fashion so you can book it back to your bed, which is at least 10 minutes away. If you’re planning on going to a class after your sluggish pit-stop here, expect to be digging into your lunch during your anatomy professor’s lecture on rat scrotums. Not to mention, you won’t only be using swipes here. The Starbucks, Jamba Juice, and Papa John’s located right next to UMC’s dining hall have a mysterious way of convincing broke college kids that they can spend $5 on a coffee. So be warned, this cursed dining station WILL rob you of your time, money, and cell service.

Swipe Swipe Swipe:

1.Farrand Market

The hidden jewel. This place is hands-down amazing. mouth-watering sandwiches, pizzas, and burgers. Sides of vegetables, real vegetables. Carrots and hummus! Celery and peanut butter! That’s right, something healthy for you that is not from one of CU’s unexceptional salad bars. We haven’t even gotten to the real kicker yet, though. . . boxes of chocolate milk. These babies will transport you to a simpler time. If the food at Farrand isn’t to your liking, then you probably shouldn’t be eating human food.

2. Will Vill

Something had to be done for those poor CU freshmen exiled to Will Vill, and CU compensated by giving them the holy place known as Village Center Dining. This newest dining hall is definitely a success. Will Vill treats their customers to all-day breakfast (with a waffle-maker!) and some fresh smoothies. Apart from the food, Village Center diners will get a killer view of the Flatirons. Sure, this place is a bus ride (or, for the ambitious, a bike ride) away, but this only adds to the “Treat yo’ self” vibe of the place. In other words, treat yo’ self and catch the Buff Bus to the grandest dining hall on campus.

3. Sewall

The main reason we are jealous of students residing in Sewall is because they don’t have to even leave their building to experience the best food on campus. The Sewall dining center rocks for many reasons: it has a soft-serve ice cream machine, the staff there is kind enough to change what’s being served each day, and eating a meal there is never the same chaotic process it is at the C4C or UMC. There is always at least one open table there. “When in doubt, go to Sewall,” is the motto for all sane CU students with swipes to kill.

Image result for this place has everything

Feeding yourself with swipes can very quickly get old. Luckily, CU has some great dining centers to satisfy hangry students. Hitting Farrand Market, Will Vill, and Sewall for food are a must, but even stopping by the C4C or UMC won’t kill you. Overall, we owe CU some thanks for building a lot of places that make some seriously good food.


Kate Howard

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