Life in college can become increasingly difficult as students begin to miss home, get tired and fall behind in classes. However, the key to success in college is balance. How can one aspire to find balance in their life when they are bombarded by social obligations, stress and papers? This blog seeks to find the answer.

What is a “healthy lifestyle?”

A healthy person is not solely determined by how fit, skinny and active they are (although that certainly seems like the standard these days). Maintaining an active lifestyle is essential to being a healthy individual, but it is not the only factor that comes into play. Having a social life, mental stability and academic prosperity contribute to your well-being. 

1. Physical Health

At CU Boulder, a student is surrounded by tempting food. With only one meal swipe, you can get a personal pizza, bag of chips and a soda from Farrand Market. The Center for Community offers french fries, pasta and burritos. The temptation to eat unhealthy food is one of great difficulty, but desperate times call for desperate measures. It’s time to put down the cookie, grab some quinoa and pick healthy options on campus. It can be difficult, and cheat days are definitely allowed, but a happy stomach equals a happy life.

In terms of working out, the CU Rec Center is definitely worth going to. Given the price of tuition, a nice Rec Center is expected and CU does not fail to deliver. State of the art equipment, basketball courts, an ice rink and a pool fill the building. Students can always find an activity that will get the blood pumping. Besides working out, intramural teams ranging from hockey to badminton are offered at a low price, as well as pilates and spinning classes.

2. Socializing

CU Boulder offers hundreds of opportunities to socialize on and off campus. Clubs like improv, acapella, environmental sustainability, rock climbing, quidditch and creative writing are available. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, the list of opportunities to get involved on campus seems to be never ending. All you have to do is find a club that fits your interests.

The party life on campus is always raging. If getting a little messed up and chatting with strangers is a person’s cup of tea, then they will have no problem having a good time. Parties are always being thrown on The Hill and all it takes is the right phone numbers, a little walking and typically a very decent ratio of girls to boys to get in.

On top of everything, everyone on campus is extremely social. Being brave enough to walk up to a person and say hello can be difficult, but not without reward. Chances are, simply talking with someone walking the same way to class or sitting next to a person alone at dinner can lead to a new friendship. Having people to talk to and relax with can make the growing stress of college life a bit easier and a lot more fun.

3. Mental Well-Being

Everyone says it. Just take a break, calm down and take some deep breaths. But with piles of homework, rent to pay and your stomach to fill, finding the time to calm down and take those deep breaths is difficult at best. The key to being a mentally healthy person in college is to realize that, even though there are piles of homework to finish, they will not get done if a student is a swirling mass of anxiety. Making a to-do list, talking about stress or simply taking a hot shower can ease the worries of college and make everything that has to get done a lot more manageable. Taking the time to think, process and be calm will result in less wasted time, better decisions and more fun!

4. Academics

Studying is not the only important thing in college and it’s certainly not something to lose sleep over, but it can be essential to living a happier and healthier life. There is no buzz quite like setting an academic goal and achieving it. It is important to show up to classes no matter how exhausted, hungover or cold you feel. Simply showing up usually raises your grade and helps you understand the material better. The purpose of college is to learn, and doing so will make a person feel more accomplished and driven in all lifestyle choices. However, staying up until 2am studying or crying because of a bad test grade is not a healthy academic life. It is important to remember that no one is a genius, people make mistakes, and one bad grade will not determine your future.

College life can be rough at times. Maintaining a life that encompasses physical, social, mental and academic health can be difficult but rewarding. Finding the time to complete tasks and set goals is the best way to sustain a healthy lifestyle, but it is important to remember that it’s also okay to take a nap, watch some Netflix and just relax occasionally. Balancing a busy life with a calm one is key to four healthy years at CU Boulder.


Emma Blanken

Hi! My name is Emma Blanken and I'm a freshman at the University of Colorado at Boulder. As a Boulder native, I have familiarized myself with campus all my life and am so excited to share all of the tips and tricks I have learned throughout the years. Happy reading:)

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