ASTR 1000-001 is the most introductory level astronomy lecture at CU Boulder. It covers a variety of subjects pertaining to our planet and our universe, from the creation of the planets in the Big Bang to the climate change affecting us today. It can count as a sequential science credit if you choose to take the second lecture as well, or it can count for a non-sequential science credit on its own. No matter how good you might be at science, there are certain rules you should follow if you hope to pass this lecture with ease.

1. Go to class.

You might hear this no matter what class you’re going to, but it’s especially true with a lecture like this. Everything on the exams is covered in each lecture, and the clicker questions from each lecture almost always appear on the exams as well. Even if you’re not someone who likes taking notes, just attending class and listening to the lectures will help you pass with flying colors.

2. Take notes.

If you have the ability to just sit in a class and absorb all of the information from the lecture without writing anything down, that’s awesome. However, if you’re like the rest of us, you’ll need to take notes to remember the important information from the lecture. In this class specifically, the professor does an excellent job of covering every important subject in detail. Having notes will also make it easier to put together coherent cheat sheets for the exams.

3. Go to the review sessions.

The night before every exam, the professor and TAs host a massive review session for all of the students to ask any last-minute questions they might have before the big test. They go over all of the main concepts that the exam will cover, and sometimes the example questions they use in the review session end up on the exam. Sometimes, they’re a bit late at night, but if you’re feeling uneasy about any test, it’s always worth getting out of bed to go to the review session.

4. Do all of the extra credit.

Or, at least do as much as you can. For ASTR 1000-001, extra credit comes in the form of attending observing nights at the Sommers–Bausch Observatory. Not only is the night sky beautiful from the observatory, but it’s an easy way to spend a free night getting some extra points for very minimal effort. These are only offered on certain days throughout the semester, and the professor always advises that students attend the first couple of sessions since they tend to fill up towards the end.

5. Find study buddies.

The best way to pass a hard class is to make smart friends in that class. It’s a foolproof way to study without being miserable and learn other people’s study habits. Studying isn’t hard when you have a good group of friends (or smart people) that will keep you on task and share everything they’ve learned with you at the same time. This goes for any class but is especially helpful in hard science classes like this one.

Everyone needs to get their science credits out of the way if they want to graduate. At CU Boulder, ASTR 1000-001 is a science class that can get either one of your mandatory science credits out of the way while still being entertaining thanks to the amazing professors. If you’re a little nervous about tackling your first (or second) college-level science class, these tips will ensure you pass ASTR 1000-001 in no time.



Madi Sinsel

Hello OneClass! My name is Madi and I'm a freshman at CU Boulder (sko buffs). I'm exploring various majors in the art field right now, and I'm specifically interested in graphic design and journalism. My hobbies include making lots of art, watching Netflix in copious amounts, and saying hi to every dog I see.

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